Jesy Nelson

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The single came out in 2021?

And it’s still available to buy?

You’ve answered your own question.

Confetti is still listed as available on the Little mix store too which was out a year before Boyz. Guess that’s embarrassing for them as well?

After scanning other artists stores it looks like there are plenty who don’t sell out either and have been online for some time. I don’t understand who would be embarrassed by an artist who still has product to sell.
Not that I'd be listening to her anyway, but I couldn't see myself even remotely getting into something with "bad" in it. It's just all so contrived in the most awkward way possible.
The unfortunate truth is that in the unlikely event the song is amazing, there will be a level of stanning both here and amongst the queers writ large. I had this dreaded thought the other day when my friend mentioned Liam Payne and I have a funny ol' feeling she might pull it out of the bag.

We all forget that whether someone is rightly cancelled because of their actions, is seen by the world as cringe or simply has flopped into oblivion, all it takes is a song that latches on. It doesn't even need to be good dd. Look at Meghan.
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