Jesy Nelson

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Anyway back to the discussion of the new song.

I actually think Boyz was more a bop sadly as this is just a bit boring to be the comeback song.
I didn't and and I don't and I've made it clear so many times already. So no I'm not mortified at all.

It would be a safe space if you just left me the fuck alone.
If you stopped responding like you said you would, you could solve your own problem.

You're clutching now.

I'm bored.
I mean, it's predictable that you would see that comment as "clutching" (do you mean to say reaching?), but the idea that I shouldn't be rude to a depressed person who is saying things I find deeply offensive or that depressed people can use their condition as a shield against criticism is a really weird infantilization of depressed people. But it's like you're incapable of ever seeing the subtext of anything that you submit.
Not open for further replies.