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Jesy Nelson (...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I didn’t say the bread couldn’t be gluten free?
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  2. The Sun claims she’s releasing in the second half of September and has P Diddy himself for the video.
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  3. This is what i I heard
  4. Just when I thought this thread couldn't get worse it segues into Power slander.
  5. It's a pretty good pop song (though the motorbike part is cringe) but I don't listen to it much. Then again, despite thinking they worked extremely well as a unit, I'm not really a Little Mix fan.
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  6. It's a solo song from an ex-Little Mix member. Called "Boyz". If you expected anything remotely "deep" that's on you, frankly
  7. I wasn't expecting anything remotely deep. But some pop songs just get a little tew stupid and this seems to be one of them. Who knows though? Depending on how it sounds, it might work as an overall package.

    Jesy was always the member that I liked the best in terms of vocals, so my mind is still somewhat open to this even despite the terribad lyrics.
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  8. I’ve never been a Little Mix fan but I’ve always loved the fact that it’s a girl group with real singers. She’s been through a lot and deserves a shot. I just hope she doesn’t squander it. I would love for her to do well.
  9. Most iconic interlude of all time.
  10. You should have.
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  11. So.....
    We're due for some kind of official anouncement right?
    If she is indeed performing at the VMA's it's just over 2 weeks away or is this rumour put to bed?
    The head to head with Little Mix, again if true, would get both acts a lot of attention and something we haven't seen in a hot minute (well Fifth Harmony Vs CC but I don't think the label had much interest in 5H sticking around).
    Reminds me of the good old days of competiting Spice Girls.
    Ready for Miss Nelson's first serve.
  12. Last I heard from my friend at MTV is that Jesy's performance at the VMAs was an actual possibility that they were discussing, but apparently they are having issues with Nicki (he did not specify what type of issues) so it is not at all for sure.
  13. RMK


    Respect to her team and Republic for being able to market her that well. Jesy is of course talented, but Little Mix has never been a hot commodity in the US.
  14. The VMAs rumor is so fake that I can't believe some of you guys could actually think it's remotely true.
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  15. Insiders have outright said that she is/was in talks to do it. There’s an element of truth to it, I don’t see her actually getting booked though.
  16. I’d understand and fully believe it if she was playing the carpet or pre-show. I just don’t get how she’d have pulled off the main show slot when she, or Little Mix, have no huge US presence.

    Kudos and props to Republic and her team if it is something they manage to swing though.
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  17. = her bff DMing the VMAs account on Instagram
  18. Nobody except MuuMuse and T.Kyle know who Jesy Nelson is in the US.
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  19. Scream, I’m sure someone posted in this thread saying the only reason it wasn’t booked was because Nicki’s team were being difficult?
  20. Yes that's what I heard too from other reliable sources. However I have a hard time believing it, also because as a UK citizen Jesy would have to spend 14 days outside of the UK/Europe to be able to enter the U.S. and perform here in New York. Unless they give her some kind of special visa or she performs "remotely" from London..
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