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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. They probably came to the conclusion that it was best for her to distance her release from the girls’ anniversary too. It just didn’t have to be that much, but the actual date I’d say was because of Diddy’s availability.
  2. A bit of street cred for the UK Baddie it seems.
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  3. Did Nicki shoot her part for the actual video or is it another her in a tv screen/painting situation?
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  4. Maybe Nicki on the boyz gym TVs?
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  5. She shot separately in the US.
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  6. Do we think this is still being released this month after all the Nicki mess?
  7. Shouldn't she release it as soon as possible before Nicki says something even worse?
  8. Is there any possibility they’d replace her?
  9. At this point they should, the press on Nicki right now isn’t good. With her husband, being sued and anti vax. Is it worth it for your debut? No. Problem is she’ll have to deal with the wrath of Nicki if she takes her off!
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  10. If there are contractual or logistical issues with removing Nicki, it might be in Jesy's best interest to pick a new lead single and put Boyz on the back burner. Jesy is already bringing her own image issues to this single release (or at least the expectation of those issues is there and thus all eyes are on it). Having Nicki's baggage attached as well might be more criticism than this single can handle.
  11. They won't take her off. Jesy's audience (UK and Brazilian teenagers) do not care about Nicki's antics and Capital etc will be living for the sound bites.
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  12. I mean, this talk of removing Nicki is all assuming that Jesy (and her team) don't find Nicki's antics funny/edgy or that they've actually paid attention to it all, which given how they've dealt with other things (such as the blackfishing issue) in the past... Worst of all they might agree with her.
  13. If they really don’t want to release it with the feature they can just release it solo now and then have the Nicki remix out in a month’s time because people….have short memories.
  14. On the other side, being the first song Nicki releases after all of this controversy is huge publicity. Is it good or bad publicity, or is it something Jesy's team want to attach themselves to that's on them to decide, but the attention is definitely huge.
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  15. Imagine if the delay was because Nicki turned her rap today.

    Boyz boyz watch em fall
    Got the jab them balls now swole
    Girlz girlz they be mad
    Like that girl in Trinidad
    Had a wedding now it's off
    Her life ruined by the Cov
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  16. RMK


    If Nicki's antics didn't turn into meme material and people were genuinely pressing her for apologies there would be a removal. As long as she waits a week or two, she'll be fine. Nicki's tweets may have garnered her next collaboration more curiosity than expected, honestly.
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  18. IS THIS COMING TONIGHT? I don't wanna wait anymore.
  19. If this isn’t out tonight, I don’t want it!!!
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  20. RMK


    It’s definitely not coming out tonight.
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