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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. What the fuck is she doing?
  2. I'm getting so sick of these botched pop campaigns. If I'm required to have all of my ducks in a row for my 9 to 5, then these pop teams can get it together
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The melodrama for a.............Jesy Nelson song.
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  4. What made you all think this was coming tonight in the first place? ddd She literally hasn't posted anything about the song since last month...
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  5. You’ve got a couple more Fridays to wait yet (it got delayed). October 8 is apparently the aim.
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  6. Didn't the Guardian interview that came out a month ago state that it was coming in the Autumn? Kinda assumed the earliest it would come out is next Friday.
  7. It was always planned for the first or second weekend in September. Not sure what’s causing the month delay.
  8. Maybe the Diddy cameo rumors are true.
  9. Surely the album will be looking at a Q1 2022 release.
    I can't imagine she wants to go up against the likes of Ed, Adele and ABBA.
    I can imagine we'll probably get 2 singles before an album drop at this stage right?
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  10. Is it really better to release during Q1 with abysmal overall sales than during Q4 just to avoid chart competition? I'm not sure.
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  11. Kii, let's actually get the debut single out before we start talking about albums.
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  12. You meant albumz hun?
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  13. I’ve had a week, leave me alone!
  14. Ah, sometimes I don't get the Popjustice brand humour. I do get the joke itself and it's a kii. But this is Jesy Nelson of Little Mix fame. The most beloved girl group in this forum. So why is it so outlandish and extra for me to be really excited about this launch?
  15. Uno


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  16. One of the most.
  17. I'm not ashamed to say I'm excited for this. But considering how messy things have become without any actual music being released, I'm definitely tempering my expectations.
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  18. As people no longer really receive CD's and such for Xmas? Is this still a thing? Granted vinyl seems to have made somewhat of a resurgence but often this is out sometime after the album pops up for streaming anyway. And when it does come out at the same time... by the evidence of the PJ threads. People certainly aren't waiting for the whims of a family member to get those records. All 20 versions are brought now and damn the rent.

    So is the jam everything into Q4 not a hangover of the old physical music industry? Streaming has broken down the old rules? I can see how legacy acts like ABBA *cough* Steps etc. with older fans that want to continue with physical copies of things to complete collections but does it benefit new acts? Which Jesy will be?

    I don't know, just thought it was an interesting topic. Fingers crossed when the single does come out it's worth the wait as I do miss Jesy's voice.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I think it's not just 'nobody buys gifts in Q1' as well as 'everyone has spent all they have in Q4'. I can't see someone not checking an album they're interested because of that, but postponing its purchase? Possibly.
  20. That makes sense. Let's hope enough people will still have unused gift cards to redeem against Jesy's offering by the time it comes out. Give her a bit more of a fighting chance in the charts.

    Is she still in L.A? Wonder if they will get her to do something else when she's there.
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