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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. And as of March 29, 2021 (one day after turning 35) she was technically closer to 40 than 35. I can do math too. I didn't even say anything wrong about being that age I was trying to prove a point you can be that age and still get support from playlists.
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  2. You now, some of us just turned 35 and are feeling very triggered by all this 40-something talk.
  3. These last few pages are giving me very
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  4. Mr.Arroz

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    The point was that the decline in streaming/radio support generally declines systemically for women after a certain age, and as all the artists that you listed are essentially established, they are all dealing with the goodwill of their artistry, which will eventually face degradation in support because of ageism. Jesy isn't established in that regard so that's very much a possible factor to analyze as part of her debut.
  5. She could just lie about her age

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  6. More popstars should lie about their age, not because of ageism, just because they can. It's just fun.
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  7. Ages? On Popjustice? Can’t be discussed without...

  8. We've gone from blackfishing, to snubbing her band mates, delays, hating their old music, Nicki Minaj, that magazine cover and now Lady Gaga's age all in a week. This thread is a ride.

    I'm perched for the oncoming mess.
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  9. Honestly the longer we go without music. The more wild this thread gets. So I hope she just teases us for years to come.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. RMK


    Imagine being Jesy and then having a VMA slot for your debut yanked away because your high-profile collaborator refused to get vaccinated and made a whole parade out of it, while they're also getting exposed for trying to cover up their husband's assault charges.

    What a mouthful. It makes sense why things shifted around.
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  12. Mariah is eternally 12 and All I Want for Christmas smashes year after year so you may be on to something
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  13. Girl, just release the fucking song.
  14. Imagine knowing on February 16 that sixty-five pages later we'd be reading the phrase "the heartbreak behind her song 'BOYZ.'"
  15. Maybe she should try to get featured on some [Big Name Rapper]’s track while they sort out this debut solo single.
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  16. "What date of birth did I say out loud?"
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  17. I rewatched recently and the fact that she keeps mentioning “I thought I said 1987” as if being 4 years off from her supposed DOB wasn’t so much worse is so hilarious to me.
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  18. Ava Max is a pioneer.
  19. I agree.

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