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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Top Photo: The highly recognised formation of Jewelry known throughout the Kpop world with Seo In-Young and Park Jung Ah before leaving the band.
    Bottom Photo: The new line-up for Jewelry, effective as of 2011.

    The longest girl group in Kpop. The debuted in 2001 and have had 4 line-ups to date. They are the Korean Sugababes. They were known for being "sexy dancers', especially former member Seo In-Young. The band continues today with no original members and is somewhat lost looking for a sound.

    Superstar, One More Time, Vari2ty and Love Story are their most well-known songs.

    Current Members: Jooyeon "Baby J" (Leader), Eunjung, Semi & Yewon
    Past Members: Jung Yoo Jin, Jun Eun Mi, Lee Ji Hyun, Cho Min Ah, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young.

    I Love You
    I Really Like You
    Delight Sweet Life
    Kokoro ga Tomaranai (Japanese Single)
    [胸いっぱいのこの愛を 誰より君に (Japanese Single)
    Shiro no Fantasy (Japanese Single)
    Now (Japanese Single)
    One More Time
    Is Not Likely To Know
    Everybody Shh
    Strong Girl
    Love Story - The bands last singe with the originals
    Date (as "Jewelry S")
    Back It Up

    The last performance as the "original" Jewelry, so sad!
    Love Story - Last Stage Performance
  2. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Will anyone ever write anything in this thread? Just wondering. There's something to be said for demand coming before supply.
  3. I think in the future for sure with upcoming promotions. They have a great back catalogue though so it would be good to have that there.
  4. One More Time is such a perfect song.
  5. Hazadous my balls. I've heard some things in my time but this ridiculous. They are good at scamming the public, this just makes me interested in Jewelry. One more time is a hot track. Kids hear everthing good or bad.... I just love them. This could be a comeback!! come on.
  6. One More Time was just deemed "hazardous to children" by "Almighty" Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Yeah, song is over three years old...
  7. How was/is One More Time even remotely hazardous? I thought Asian countries were comfortable with sex and violence, unlike America.
  8. I have no idea what this means...

    Are they still going? Just without any original members left? The korean sugababes!

    Yes, One More Time is a 10/10
  9. Updated so all of you can check out their amazing singles!
  10. They really butchered them with the recent comeback tracks, didn't they. I still think the Sophisticated album is one of the best K-Pop albums ever, but it's not like that's hard.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I loved One More time and I could never find Kitchi Island online or at the Korean shop but Sophisticated is one of my favourite K-Pop albums also. It's very K-Pop-meets-RedOne before every other act did.
  12. Ahead of the pack. If they cameback with Strong Girl like they were going to, or any other track off the album really, the Jewelry name/brand would be in such a different position than it currently is.
  13. Yes! When Vari2ty released. I was completely mindfucked. It's one of the blandest songs on the album and I adore that track!
  14. It's just so limp. The only other song that's worse than Vari2ty on the album is the Be Rocka song or whatever it's called.

    Bounce should've been a full song (and the title track) and Vari2ty the intro.

  15. Yeah, that kind of made it hard for me to get into them. I was looking through some of their older songs and nearly every video had totally different girls and a different style. I assumed that One More Time was a one-off kind of thing and just gave up...
  16. "Superstar", "One More Time", "Vari2ty" and "Love Story" are the ones you need to hear. They both have Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young in the band.
  17. YES! I got my Kitchi Island today from my cousin who prepared it as a gift!

    It's such a great album! Oh my lord!
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