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Jhené Aiko - Chilombo (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Never listened to anything by her besides "The Worst" and that song with Omarion but I love this. It inspired me to check out the rest of her music. The 50 First Dates inspired music video is cute.
  2. Oh my gaaawd.

    Listening now.
  3. #BOP
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  4. Can't wait to listen this....she is my favorite alt-rnb girl.
  5. Ahhhh I need to listen! Her 'sailing souls' mixtape is one of my all-time favourite albums.
  6. Saved and weekend is here.
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  7. Ahhhh what a great surprise today!
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  8. The short film was cute, onto the album!
  9. I had no idea this was even coming out. Will listen this weekend. I hate really long albums though.
  10. I was literally just thinking she needed to get a move on with the follow up considering her last album* came out 3+ years ago.

    So perched to listen to this. I was disappointed by Souled Out.

    *I don’t see the collab album. It doesn’t exist to me.
  11. Me too, but I didn't mind this at all, apart from it being released by Jhené.

    It's beautiful storytelling. I'm sure this will bring her lots of acclaim. New Balance remains songwriting perfection.
  12. Early impression is definitely that the album is too long. I hated it when Kehlani did it, I hated it when The Weeknd does it and I hated it when Drake does it. This seems be a particular issue with RnB artists.

    With that said, the album does tell a fairly beautiful narrative so maybe over time, I might not find the length much of an issue.

    To be fair to Jhene, a good amount of the tracks are interludes or songs with shorter lengths (2:00- mins)
  13. I love that she just #gotonwithit & DROPPED the album like this. That said, I definitely prefer shorter, more concise albums, but I'm sure I can find the time to sit through the album at least once.
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  14. Yas my granola, herb picking, hippie queen. What a delightful surprise.
  15. I love how unapologetically stoner this album is nn.

    420 Queen.
  16. It's definitely a bit too long, but really really lovely despite that. A wonderful balance of hazy, chill, and melancholy slightly psychedelic r&b.
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  17. Gorgeous album, lush, really enjoyable and relaxing listen. I will echo the sentiments of everyone else that it's just too long. I was good after 14 tracks or so even though there aren't really any poor tracks, at least nothing that stuck out the first time through.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Poor Paloma's upcoming album.

    I'm perched to listen to this too but I kinda need a set mood and time.
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