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Jhené Aiko - Chilombo (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Yes, it's obviously a mid-tempo break up song so I don't really get why that Twitter user deemed it as a bop; but regardless I am excited!

    Oh also, this actual bop has finally a music video. (three or four months too late and she is not even in it...)

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  2. So smooth! I know "Trip" was 50 tracks long and should have satisfied my appetite for 10 years - and it did - but I still want new music from her!
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  3. I'd like something a bit more refined from her next. A concise, 10-12 track album with songs that feel & sound fully fleshed out. I've appreciated her stream-of-consciousness vibe on her last few releases, but I just know she has a classic up her sleeve if she really wants to deliver one.
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  4. It's just another Jhene song, basically, you can pretty much predict how it's going to sound, but it's nice. She's pissed. Dddd.
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  5. This is lovely, nothing groundbreaking for sure but I love how honest she gets in those freestyles.
  6. It is very typical Jhené but I love how she always gives it all in her lyrics and delivery. You can feel every word she is singing.
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  7. I can’t believe this thread only has four pages? Trip was my album of 2017.
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  9. Jhene Aimamiwhoami
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  11. Can we assume the album is called "Protection" or "Protected"?
  12. I wouldn't say we could assume just yet but it seems very possible.
  13. I thought the album would be called Chilombo? (Her family name).
  14. Okay so this is barely a song, but I quite loved every minute of it? It helped me calm down in a way I didn't expect to...Trigger Protection Mantra indeed ddd.
  15. Triggered remix feat. 21 Savage and Summer Walker:

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  16. Another Triggered remix. This one features Saweetie:

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  17. In my gym, they constantly playing Trigger as a song for stretching after HIIT workout, so it got me hooked.....but is it charting anywhere since Jhene pushing it with remixes?
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