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Jhené Aiko - Chilombo (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Triggered ended up becoming one of my favourite songs of the year. It is a bit Jhené by the numbers, but why fix something that isn't broken. I love how when you first listen it sounds like she is calm and not triggered at all, but there is nuance in her technique. When you listen closely you can really hear her anger and frustration. She's such a master of her craft!
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  2. Album cover but still no official release date:

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  3. Wasn't the last one a surprise? Am I being totally delusional to think maybe tonight?
  4. There is a new song and music video premiering in a few hours...

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  5. It originally said 'ft. Big Sean' in the YouTube video title but she deleted her original tweet & reposted a couple minutes later and by then they had changed it to remove that.
  6. The song is More Of The Same.
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  7. It's a typical Jhené affair, but I was pleasantly surprised by Big Sean's verse and delivery! He seals the deal for me and elevates the track.
  8. Love None Of Your Concern . She really makes you feel everything she sings !
  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    None of Your Concern is a step up from the stuff she's released since Trip, but she's definitely still capable of better.
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  10. For me it's another great Jhené song. Her pen-game is just so strong, and relatable. "Little Miss Thing" ddddDDdddd
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  11. Please drop a Sean-less version, Jhqueen! That was a very unwelcome surprise.
  12. Absolutely love this. Her voice is butter and Sean’s verse at the end is great.
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  14. There is a demo version of "Hello Ego," titled "Don't Stop," which features Anderson .Paak that just surfaced on SoundCloud, which brings me to still wonder, after all these years, why did Jhené decide to release a version of "Hello Ego" that features Chris Brown who shits all over a perfectly fine song, when she had this one in the vault? Even a solo version would have been much better honestly...
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  15. New song out soon:

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  16. I’m pretty sure she’s been friends with Chris for 10+ years, unfortunately.

  17. She's giving me strong Aaliyah vibes here. And the lyrics... damn!
  18. wow i remember aaliyah saying that belly move Jhene did at the end is her go to signature dance move or whatever...
  19. She's a bit of a stiff dancer, but I'm so glad she's stepping a bit outside of her comfort zone, and the song is a jam! Those lyrics? "That dick make my soul smile", preach!
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