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Jhené Aiko - Chilombo (3rd Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Serving Cafe Del Mar 22.
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  3. It's giving me gospel compilation album, nñn.
  4. Yeahhhhh, the visual direction for this whole era has been a bit by-the-book, which is especially disappointing when Souled Out and Trip are two of my favourite album covers of all time. I like the Chilombo cover but it breaks the ongoing concept of her being a small figure in large surreal scenes.
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  5. Love this track, very Kehlani! And can we talk about Miguel with eyeliner? Well, hello.
  6. OMG 'Hoe' was how I discovered Jhené back in the day, love the interpolation in this new song! Shen is such a queen!
    Nice to see Mila in the video as well.
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  7. Given the lack of physicals, I assume this will be released at midnight EST like her singles?
  8. FUCK this is so fucking good!!!!!! what the fuck..she continues to outdo herself with each release...queen shit!!!
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  9. Both Jhené and H.E.R snapped on B.S. !
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  10. This is a lovely album. Doesn’t take me on a TRIP the way Trip did, but like all of her music, a few listens will help it seep into my soul. God, I love this woman.
  11. B.S. is every-fucking-thing. Ready to listen to whole set!
  12. I had my first listen this morning.

    It's for sure a nice album with some real gems, but I don't know that I love it as much as Trip.
    Saying that, Trip definitely grew on me too so there's room for that to change.
  13. I love it, but I really miss mixtape Jhené. I was hooked. Some of the magic is not really there for me anymore.
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  14. I really want to listen to this as I loved her debut but 20 tracks, really? Sigh. Let me try.
  15. Someone obviously never listened to Trip.
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  16. I have actually but that's when I started losing a bit of interest in her. New Balance can still make me weep tho!
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  17. My problem with the album is the same as it’s been since her full length debut: she often stretches thematic concepts across multiple songs with little sonic or lyrical variation. There’s quite a bit to love here but it feels bogged down by the sheer volume of tracks. Still, B.S. through Happiness Over Everything as well as the one-two punch of Tryna Smoke and Born Tired remind me why I stay perched on her music. When she’s good she really is incredible.
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