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Ji Nilsson - Blue Is The Saddest Colour (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I am extremely into this girl. She is extremely pop-brilliant.

    She has a new EP coming out soon and a new song out now, "Special Kind."

    You may have heard of her when "team" Gwen Stefani borrowed liberally from her song "Heartbreakfree."

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  2. I need the new track to grow on me a bit, but I love everything else she's put out so far. I tried finding a thread for her yesterday and gave up.
  3. "Special Kind" has already grown on me. I love that she's sort of becoming the female Duvchi.
  4. Everything she's done so far has been great, and I'm sure this will grow on me too. I have a feeling she'll be a one album artist though, she seems to have not made much of an impact, well... anywhere.
  5. What do we think of the EP? I haven't purchased as yet.
  6. Perfume is a major contender for my number one song of the year. THERE I SAID IT.
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  7. A&E


    Perfume and Nothing were some of the best stuff released last year. Here's the new video for the latter:

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  8. That was a lot more polished than her previous videos. It's making me wonder if someone has given her a budget...

    Either way, I'm excited for big things from her in 2016.
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    Guest member Guest

    I stumbled upon "Make Me Blu" today and it's everything I need in my life right now. Fantastic stuff. Do we know whether there's an album in the making?
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  11. @TRAVVV New single 'Save Me For Later'.
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  12. BANGER

    Someone move this thread to 'Potential Next Big Things"
  13. A&E


    Put It On might be one of my favourite bangers this year so far. Such a refreshing lyrical perspective too!

  14. This is pretty fantastic. Subtle summer bop.
  15. No love for the album? I kind of love the cringe title and artwork.
  16. Was hoping for a CD but alas not.
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  17. Contemplating downloading this album.
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