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Jimmy Eat World - Something Loud

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HippoSteaks, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. One of the best bands of all time are back with their best song since Always Be. This is incredible.
  2. I eat up everything they do and this is no exception.
  3. They are my favorite band of all time, Bleed American is my youth. Are they gearing up for another album?
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  4. A new album is rumored to be released this fall. They've been on a 3 year streak for so long, so I would be surprised if this single was all they were coming back with.

    This sounds like a long lost classic by the way, like... they remain one of the most consistent rock bands ever at this point. I can't wait to see them on the 17th!
  5. This song gives me full body shivers and watery eyes. I can’t stop. God, I love them so much. I first saw them in 1997 at Skater’s World in New Jersey and they’ve been a favorite ever since. I kinda lost touch with them a little bit but this is making me feel like a huge Jimmy binge is coming. I’m already listening to them doing the Clarity album live front to back. Jazzed for this new album!
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  6. Me too! Clarity is one of the best albums ever.

    This is wonderful for the summer! A total, breezy bop.
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  7. Bleed American and Futures are 2 of my favourite albums ever... but I kinda tuned out since then.
    This new track has very much the vibe of those albums.
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  8. 3Xs


    Oooh this is quite good.
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  9. You’ve missed some great tunes!
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  10. As @HippoSteaks said, don't miss out on the albums since Futures.

    So many good songs to be found:

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  11. Chase This Light front to back is probably my fave album from them. Just nonstop bangers. Let It Happen? maybe in my top three Jimothy songs?
  12. For those who have missed out on their later material, checking out the latest two could be interesting as they're polar opposites sonically.

    Integrity Blues saw them go back to a more alternative sound with atmospheric touches here and there. More than any other post-Futures records, it harkens back to Clarity through its experimentation and its very layered foundation, without forgetting the pop influences of their later albums.

    On the other side of the coin, Surviving stripped all of this down and it resulted in pretty much their most straightforward rock album. I like to compare it to Bleed American for that reason, even though it does have softer moments as well.

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  13. My favorite album of theirs is Clarity. I'm watching this and it's so good.
  14. Just Watch The Fireworks always brings a tear to my eye.
  15. Seeing people discussing these kings here makes my heart happy. Jimmy was absolutely my favorite band as a teenager, striking the right balance of soaring anthems and introspective emo for me. The run of albums from Clarity to Chase This Light is something most of their contemporaries should be jealous of (even if I understand why someone who bought into them circa Static Prevails and Clarity might've been disappointed by Chase This Light).

    Even in the latter part of their career, they've remained fairly consistent. Integrity Blues feels very much like a Jimmy classic. I think the best highlight from that is Sure and Certain, but honestly there is a wealth of great songs on that one. Alternatively, for anyone doing a deep dive post-Chase This Light, I'd suggest hitting Damage and Surviving last. They're not bad by any means, but don't necessarily compare to Integrity Blues or Invented.

    Anyway, the new song is solid and I hope there is an album coming soon.
  16. Forgot to add, if I had to pick a single favorite song of theirs, I think I'd go with The World You Love.

  17. YES YES YES. This is my number 1 along with A Praise Chorus. FUCK it's so good.
  18. My favorite is :

    And wow the first time I saw them is on YouTube!
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  19. I got into the band with Futures, after hearing "Pain" on the Midnight Club 3 soundtrack, and this album track has remained my favorite song from them ever since:

    If I were to make a Top 5, these ones would follow

  20. I love that Liz Phair sings backup vocals on this song but takes the lower harmony
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