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Jimmy Eat World - Something Loud

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HippoSteaks, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. The feedback for this new song has been awesome. People are kinda freaking out.
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  2. Listening to this today
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  3. They were great in Luxembourg the other day and hearing the crowd loudly sing the "Sweetness" hook was euphoric!

    Considering this tour was supposed to happen in 2020 and they're now moving towards a new album, I was worried the setlist would not be focused on Surviving anymore. So it was a surprise to hear them play a lot from that album! No "Criminal Energy", sadly, but "555" was a refreshing addition, especially in the middle of more energetic bangers. Other highlights were "Sweetness" (again), "Blister", "For Me This Is Heaven," "Sure And Certain", and of course "23". The one-two punch of "Futures" and "Pain" started the show on a high as well. The additional guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist really adds a lot to their live sound too.

    I'm itching for an album announcement!
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  4. I actually missed the release of Surviving by a couple of months since my main source of music news is this forum and there wasn't any interest in this band (until now!). So I ended up listening to it a lot at the emergence of the pandemic and during the darkest moments of the first quarantine so it brings back very bittersweet memories. On one hand, I love that they did something more stripped down and straightforward, focused on the pop-rock and power pop they did when I first fell in love with them but it's connected to the fear and uncertainty of those days so it's not quite as celebratory and jubilant as it could be.

    All that said, thank you for updating this thread with news so I don't miss their next release by two months again! You're so lucky to have seen them, I wish they toured somewhere near me. Have you seen them before? They're so good live and the have such a great community of fans.
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  5. Seeing all the appreciation for them since this thread opened makes me so happy. They are one of the few bands from that era that still have such a strong level of quality in their music. Something about what they do just pull at the heartstrings.
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  6. She joined them again for this one, which is absolutely gorgeous. The way the production builds and builds throughout the song is stunning.
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  7. Yes! More Jimmy posts! This thread should have 100 pages; they’re the fucking best.
  8. Another single called "Place Your Debts" is dropping at the end of the month. Sadly, we're not getting an album for the time being and the band has explained their current plans in a new interview.

    Their drummer added more commentary on another forum.

  9. That makes a lot of sense and is sort of how i approach releasing music these days, too. I like doing 1 song at a time. I'm happy with any Jimmy Eat World music, especially when it's as amazing as Something Loud.
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  10. I get that, but on the flip side there are people like me who tend to zone out when an artist starts releasing a bunch of singles and latches back on when there's an album/EP coming out. Ultimately it's their call, and I think they'll find their way back to releasing a collection of songs sooner rather than later, but it's still a little disappointing after how good Something Loud is.

    On that page alone, there are posts discussing JEW from users named Craig Manning and Yellowcard2006 (with a The Academy Is... avatar, even). 2000s me is feeling very seen right now!
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