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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    It could be worse. It could be the new Chico single.
  2. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    It sounds alright although I doubt I'll buy it.

    Time for Diana I think.
  3. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    I actually quite like it. It sounds like theyve sampled Come On Eileen.
  4. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    I really want them to do well. We need a new boyband where the members arent all over 30. I think they have tremendous potential for success.
  5. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    It sounds a bit 90s.
  6. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    It may grow on me, I dunno, maybe I need to hear it in a proper CD quality before passing judgement .
    In other news though, they came to do a gig near where I live and the staggering amount of 11 people turned up.
  7. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    I really like it, though it's hard to judge too much from the low quality. Kinda sounds like a cross between Damage's Love 2 Love and Come On Eileen!
  8. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    If JB takes his clothes off in the video, I haven't really got a major issue with the relative mediocrity of the song. Boy is FIT.
  9. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    Not as painful as I expected, but sampling Come On Eileen? Really?

    There are two big problems with JLS:

    1. They haven't got a voice between them, a fact they made glaringly obvious on The X Factor by covering, of all groups, Boyz II Men. Twice.

    2. The whole thing is just so DATED. The styling, the R&B-lite muzak, the queuing-for-the-toilet choreography...anyone who lived through the 90s has seen and heard all this before. In other words, it's exactly what you'd expect from a Louis Walsh project.
  10. primrose12

    primrose12 Guest

    Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    i knew Mary was just an album track. so their 1st single I know is going to be even more better and epic i predict. these guys have the vocals to pull them through. they got the swagger baby.
  11. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    Mary isn't epic to start off with.
  12. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    JLS really are shit (not to be confused with the shit).

    This track is very bland and forgettable. I really don't understand why anyone thinks they'll be anything other than just your usual flash in the pan X Factor losers act. They'd need a massive single and good string of singles to pull off not being forgotten about by the end of 2009.
  13. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    We don't need another crappy girl group.
  14. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    I think this sounds surprisingly great! Really nice little track for the summer. A bit 90s, but... they're in fashion at the moment anyway. I always liked JLS on the show - didn't want them to beat Alexandra or anything, but I was glad that they did as well as they did.
  15. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    They are fucking dreadful. The sooner we stop going through the pretence that non-winners (or even winners) of The X Factor can have a decent career, the better.
  16. primrose12

    primrose12 Guest

    Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    did you hear me saying that Mary is epic no. I just said that I think the real first single will be even better and more epic because I think that mary is very good.
  17. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    A fart in a colander would be more 'epic' than anything these ladyboys are going to churn out.
  18. primrose12

    primrose12 Guest

    Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    good to have a fresh band especially (black boy band) and im not being racist

    im fed up with some bands lately with the exception of the sugababes
  19. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    This might not be the greatest track to ever grace the airwaves, but let's face it people, it could have been a LOT worse. At least it's not called Home, Lost, Flying Without Wings or 28,000 Friends for that matter.
  20. Re: JLS - Mary (1st Single)

    It's a sad day for pop when 'it could have been worse' is the best thing you can say about a track. I'd rather have eternal silence than a C- pop song.
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