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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Obsession... hmm....i like it.
  2. I take it your a very jealous person?
  3. I take it your a very jealous person?

  4. Right i've read most of the pathetic comments you've been saying about JLS!
    How can you critise JLS ? they are absolutely amazing! I’d love to see you all do a better job!!! If JLS were so rubbish, how’d they make it to where they are now aye ? they also wouldnt be as famous as they are or have a huge fanbase like they have would they ?!!
    JLS are doing wayyyyy better than half of the artists that have been out for longer, and atleast when JLS perform they dont let us down unlike half of the bloody artists out there! who mime and all that so why dont you slag them off, your just silly pathetic people who suffer from extreme JELOUSY!!
    You can call me obsessed all you want but i couldnt give a sh*t what you've gotta say tbh, every word you've all wrote on here is a load of bull!! JLS are gonna become huge and their single will also be number one!!
    Aston ugly ? Hmm, have you good sh*t in your eyes ? he'se one of the fittest people ever, i'd love to see wha all of you look like !!

    Haters get over yourself you waste of space .. ALRIGHT!!!!
  5. emms and emily, i agree with everything you've said girls :) x
  6. If we were haters wouldn't we be saying our 'horrific' comments on your JLS forum, you obviously don't understand what this forum is.
  7. 1) They've made it to where they are now because of the producers of the X-Factor letting them in. Those are the guys that let Same Difference in.
    2) What huge fanbase?
    3) JLS aren't even good singers, let alone good preformers. Look at P!nk's Funhouse tour. Now THAT'S preforming and singing.
    4) If you don't give a shit about us why did you bother to post that?
    5) As it's been said, they're probably not going to have Leona type success.
    6) Once again it's just our opinion if we think that Aston is fit or not.
    7) Learn how to spell.
  8. That's a matter of opinion. Quite a few people clearly don't agree with it!
    Ever the sign of an argument coming from a tween. 99.9% of the people on this forum don't aspire to be pop stars in the slightest.

    Yes, this is the effect of The X Factor. 'Huge fanbase' is exaggerating it more than just a little, too.

    Who are they doing better than, exactly? They've not yet released a single or an album, so I think you'll find 'half of the artists that have been out for longer' are already doing a lot better than them.

    Obviously you do give a shit, otherwise why would you waste your time signing up, coming here and ranting about it? You do give a shit, that's why you're here. Surely you can see the stupidity in saying you don't give a shit then doing something which totally contradicts it?

    They wouldn't be the first reality TV runners up to go Number 1 then completely flop thereafter even if this did happen.

    Haters? I prefer the term "realist", thanks.
  9. LOL @ this thead..

    Tweenage fan girls should never ever be allowed near the internet. EVAH!
  10. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Haha agreed

  11. how dare you speak like that to some one, "learn to spell" people like you discust me
    JLS are an amazing band,with outstanding vocal,looks talent and are such decent boys
    there fanbase is huge..any person with half a brain knows that...get your facts straight
    ANDaston merrygold is far from ugly
  12. we just have respect...something you all should learn
  13. I fixed your post up as I'm guessing you're illiterate.

  14. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Respect for what exactly? And what exactly have I said that is disrespectful?
  15. In the first 3 seconds precisely of hearing this, I thought of Kardinal Official feat. Akon - "Dangerous". The beat and overall feel is very similar - does anyone know if they were produced by the same person?
  16. What is your problem? what makes you think you can speak to me like that?
    what exactly did i spell wrong?
    people like you annoy me..you think your "superior"?well guess what your not..your far from it
    get a life for yourself..i presume you have no friends as I'm sure no sane person would ever
    socialise with a horrible excuse of a human being like you
    why do you feel the need to speak down to people? is it because you hate yourself so much you direct that anger towards other people..i suspect you'll hit back at me with some immature comment about my spelling or grammer
  17. This tread is really irritating, where have these new posters come from and why are they having a go at the older posters for having their own opinion. If you come to this board, don't expect it to be a JLS love-in, if we don't like them we CAN and WILL say so. Some fan girls signing up, being rude to people over hear then disappearing into the abyss aren't going to change our minds.
  19. I feel like we've been invaded!

  20. good luck with that...
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