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I came onto this thread to listen to the song and give them a chance. They were ok on X Factor but I was so pleased they didn't win over the very down to earth, beautiful and lovely Alex. But all of this "leave them alone, they are so nice and hot" crap just put me off and stopped me clicking the link.
"how dare he say that about aston, he doesn’t even know him.
U can’t slate someone until u’ve meet them.
Typical? what the hell does he mean??????
he’s obviously jealous, why else say something like that?
colours are gimmicky, it makes them stand out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually have tears in my eyes right know."

Incredible. I know they're probably all quite young but you can't help but laugh.
Numerology said:
I'm quite sure that both here and on the JLS forums it's just one crazy fangirl called Emily talking to herself anyway.
Ha! I wish. Unfortunately, looking at all their usernames, it seems like there's thousands of them!
This thread is like the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. Carnage.

I still like the song. But the uber-fans make it hard to even tolerate the band.
I think this message under one person's signature sums up their forum really
"Member of the Official JLS mental hospital"

I like them and their new song but not their fans! They were performing on BBC Switch yesterday at Radio One's Big Weekend. After they'd sung, they each gave away their hoodie to the fans and dropped them down to them. The girls dived for them and practically ripped each others hair out to get them. One girl already was wearing one but in a different colour. Made me laugh anyway.

They didn't sing their new song there either. Just Umbrella and Stand By Me/Beautiful Girls mashup.
Everyone has there own opinion..i think it would be a good idea if you would leave the forum girls(and boys) out of this..if you dont like JLS thats fine with us, just chose to "insult" them if you wish on there music and not on there apperance or fanbase
i dont see a need to insult young girls..surely you wouldnt do it to there face, why do it behind a computer screen
Twat Snacks said:
My opinion of JLS has never been lower than at this very moment. Good job, Sparkle.

I dont see how its my fault you "opinion of JLS hass never been lower"..?
just because i have an opinion,just like yourself, shouldnt reflect on how much or like or dislike a band..out of curiousity do you not like JLS because of there music or "there fanbase" ? seems silly to me
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