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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. So how come you had a go at me last night, because of my opinion?
    And we'll stop insulting you guys if stop invading this thread!
  2. LOL haha so funny. Im actually not on the official forum, for your information.
  3. Nothing better to do with YOUR life than slag off a group of boys (and girls)...
  4. LOL i believe that is a JOKE. Gosh. Its a JOKE, you know a JOKE.
  5. AFTER YOU HAVE SLAGGED OFF A GROUP OF BOYS. Fair enough you dont like them, but no im not going to take you slagging off there looks. Who are you to say that about them??!!! and the ''fair enough we know you have muscles'' they dont show it off ok?! sheesshh :|

    I dislike Lady Gaga but i dont go around saying shes a man and all that!!!
  6. Right, okay! Can all people from the JLS forum (and those who feel strong love for them) please pay attention?

    This is a discussion board of pop music. Some people on this forum are slightly more blunt with their opinions than others, and reduce themselves to taking a hit on the appearance of popstars. While this is obviously not very good, as a discussion forum everyone registered to it has a right to voice their opinion. It just so happens to be the the majority (but not all) people who have posted in this thread do not think very highly or JLS or their matierial.

    You all, of course, have the right to voice you opinion on JLS, which is that you think they're brilliant. However, what users here are annoyed at is that you are telling them that they are not allowed to voice their opinion, which is that JLS aren't very good.

    If this thread irritates you so much with all the negativity, I suggest you don't look at it. Or, you could argue rationally as to why you think their matierial is good. And by rationally, I mean without any unnecessary boldening of sentances, and correct punctuation and grammar.
  7. Thank you, Numerology!
  8. oh please. Now you have singled us out to be a bunch of i quote ''chavs'' ohhh and you spelt unnecessary wrong- am i going to judge you on that? well you seem to have done with JLS fans. Ooops i just wrote in bold.
  9. This thread is scaring me.
  10. Like Numerology said, if it irritates you so much, don't come here!
  11. This is the thing Sparkle, I don't have an opinion on JLS because I haven't actually heard anything from them, apart from what they did on X Factor.

    I didn't come into this thread when it was first posted, but by the time I did it was full of page after page of arguing and poorly thought out responses from people who have only registered to talk about JLS.

    As it stands, this thread has irritated me so much that I no longer care to find out what they're doing, and that IS your fault. You're not changing anybody's opinions on this board, in fact all you're doing is making everybody annoyed and bored.

    If you cared so much about "your boys", then you wouldn't be on this board tarnishing their reputation. Whether you like it or not, that is what you are doing.
  12. You have to give credit where credit is due: and calling out Numerology on his spelling is all rather funny and ironic.

    With that said: this is not a fan board, and everyone has the right to voice their opinions, including negative ones. It's silly for people to come in an complain about that when it's just freedom of speech and all that. Boy, I can't wait till JLS get dropped in a few months, and this crazy fanbase gets dissolved.

  13. i didnt say anything that is "tarnishing their reputation" i came on here to stick up for the boys not because people were commenting on "beat again" but because they were commenting on there apperance, which frankly is out of order!
    I dont know what i said that made you decide that you dont like JLS, but all im saying is give them chance, listen to beat again and then decide if your a fan or not. I really dont mind if people dont like the song it just bothers me when people insult someone based on there apperance because thats a cheap and cowardly way of life
    I dont know how you can blame me and say its because of me your not a fan
  14. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Sparkle - and Emily-x - you have now both made your point. Please don't call members off this community cheap and cowardly. JLS will be quite prepared to sell records and win X Factor votes through people who think they are good looking so they will I am afraid have to accept that commenting on how they look is not "out of order" but is in fact part of the boyband process. You already have a JLS fan forum - this is not a fan forum and you will have to accept the difference. Please stop being disruptive and please learn how to use apostrophes.
  15. excuse me but i was called illiterate by one of your members, which is much worse than cheap or cowardly..how come nothing was said about that?
  16. I just re-read that HOW DARE you speak to me like that..
    how exactly would you feel if people were saying you offspring of the hunch back of notredame? what makes you think that its ok to say it about JLS ? its not
    theres something this forum is lacking and thats respect!
  17. You are also lacking in respect, by not respecting the forum rules dear.
  18. im leaving this because im being warned and what not but its a cheap shot and very very rude commenting about someone spelling and calling them illiterate
    I stood up for JLS because you were all commenting on there apperance rather than there music
    clearly none of you care about other peoples feeling and sure I could leave you hurtful comment about your apperences or spellings, but I wont because I have a sense of decencey. I know that what your saying now you would never say to my face, or any of the boys faces so yes that does mean your cowardly
    have fun taking cheap shots at peoples apperances.
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