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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. duckface

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    The idea of them making it in the US makes me die a little bit inside. I was a casual supporter during X-Factor but they've since become the embodiment of everything that was ever wrong with boybands.
  2. News of the World reporter guy Dan Wootton just tweeted

    "And crazy JLS fans, you're probably not going to like the JB revelation based on my past experience. But it's all true, again!"

    Big story on him in the News of the World tomorrow apparently, think its quite obvious what it will be, all the JLS stans going crazy on twitter..
  3. Probably about some kind of relationship going by his latest tweet

  4. Why does everyone think that the article is about JB being gay? It's a story about JB's secret girlfriend!

    And if he was gay it wouldn't be Celeb XS he would sell the story to. His management would make more of a big deal out of it and get as much money as possible from the story.
  5. Doubt that story about him having a girlfriend is true
    Im sure she looks like one of the dancers from X Factor.. and the hoodies they are wearing havent been worn since X Factor.. so I bet its just a pic they found and decided to make a story out of it
  6. There's Back Street Boys, they tried to come back and the GAP didn't want to know.
  7. But really how long do you'll think it take for one of them to come out?
  8. Their album has now sold 1 million copies
  9. Tour is now but a week away from me, I can't believe it's come around so quickly! Am rather excited though...
  10. For anyone going to the tour.. Chipmunk is also supporting them on a few dates

    He was with them in Birmingham today and did a verse of Only tonight with them according to his tweets

    Wow... Performed "Only Tonight" with JLS... I did a verse... The response was BAAAAANANAS!!!!
  11. Oh God I saw them the other night, it was absolutely the most phenomenal thing ever. The fact that I got sung to was especially amazing. (Not on stage. I mean from, like, one of them to me in the audience. I died.)
  12. Aw wow I cant wait to go now
    I hope Chipmunk is supporting on the night I go

    If anyones interested heres some vids backstage on tour

    I love the 3rd one.. Marvins so funny in it
  13. What row are you on?
  14. Not for a long time. Especially if they're going to the US. Even the suggestion that any of them are gay sends some JLS fans into a crazy rage. Sad.
  15. Everybody in Love available on US itunes.
  16. Agreed, I should know, I've seen it first hand being on their forum...lord did all hell break loose when they did the Gay Times interview (I freaking loved that interview, that was what made me an offishyal follower of theirs).
  17. I'm sure there's a rule about speculating about popstars' sexuality. Just a quick heads up.

    Anyway, a bunch of us were singing this song all day in work. I think it's their best so far and I'm not a fan at all.
  18. I can't wait for Mary, I shall totally own it when I finally get hold of it.
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