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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Everybody in Love is being sent to mainstream radio on February 23rd in the States. I'm excited to see how well it does!
  2. Its a great song, but I don't see them finding success here with it.
  3. Great song, I could see it having a bit of a crossover appeal and getting quite a bit of radio play on both Urban and Pop radio.
  4. Despite carbon copies by Jason DeRulo and IYAZ have been huge #1's.
  5. I think its safe to say neither of them knew who the hell JLS were.
  6. I think its more to do with them all being produced by J R. Rotem. He's hot on radio at the moment. This has the most potential of anything on the album to hit off in the US right now.
  7. I cant wait for Mary either.. almost forgot about it.. thanks for reminding me haha

    Going to seeee the boys in concert tommorow !! cant wait
  8. Have fun both of you! and it's Aston's birthday today. Lucky you!
  9. It was amazing wow :O
    Had such a good time.. Going to see them again on the 25th <3

    12 days ! Haha Im already counting down
  10. I had a fabulous time last night...bloody amazing live. Especially loved the Michael Jackson medley, Umbrella, One Shot...bit bummed there was no sign of Tightrope or Spell It Out in setlist though. But the choreography is even tighter than before, the costumes were fantastic, really good live show. I am therefore going to arena tour in December, they've made me extremely happy Seamus indeed.

    PS JB is my husband. That is all. x
  11. Shame the mimed some of it :(
  12. I just got this song.

    Fucking class.
  13. Everybody in Love is being played on Music Choice's Hit List in America. The Hit List channel plays "today's hottest mainstream and rhythmic pop hits".
  14. It's not a regular radio station. Music Choice isn't even that great..
  15. True, but it's a start and they have played them and Taio Cruz quite often.
  16. Congrats to the boys for winning 2 Brits last night :)
  17. The Friday Night with Jonathan Ross episode featuring JLS aired last night on BBC America. They really work hard and deserverd the two Brit awards. I hope they gain more success with their next album.
  18. Industry are surporting them on their Ireland gigs here:

    Sat 27 Feb SOLD OUT
    The O2 Dublin

    Sun 28 Feb 2010 SOLD OUT
    JLS Waterfront Hall Auditorium

    Mon 1 Mar 2010 JLS Waterfront Hall Auditorium
    Belfast SOLD OUT

    Tue 2 Mar 2010 SOLD OUT
    JLS Waterfront Hall Auditorium
  19. Just heard Mary.. I love it
  20. I just heard it. Very dull. Doesn't go anywhere. And the spoken bits just make me cringe.
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