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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Yes, it's 'J-J-J-J-JR' as in JR Rotem.
  2. When most people hear it they think its J-J-J-JLS but its actually J R Rotems tag 'J-J-J-JR

    & has always been that
  3. I was aware of JR Rotem's tag. But I think what RhythmNative had thought was that they had changed the tag especially for JLS on account of their name fitting quite well with his usual tag.

    It would have been quite cool had they done that actually. Innovative tag FAIL.
  4. Until now
  5. My favs on the album other than the singles are - Crazy for you, close to you, only tonight, Don't go & Tightrope
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Mine too. And I have seen it in so many people already, Rihanna too.
    Mostly girls though.
  7. It's made my crush on him go right down the shitter.

    It would be hilarious if in a few years he looked like Lil Wayne and was covered in tattoos everywhere.
  8. How come the first star is ok, but the bottom two are wonky?! I think it looks ok though...

    (Then again, I fancy Aston like mad, I think any tattoo would look good on him!)
  9. I don't like the tattoo, why anyone wants a tattoo there is beyond me though...
  10. I used to fancy him until he got that tattoo! His music note one is alright but ugh, I hate hate hate the stars!
  11. LeonaLewis

    LeonaLewis Guest

    Is he deliberately trying to copy Chris Brown and Rihanna?
  12. I don't like it either, but he's still hot.
  13. This is doing quite well on US radio so far; it's in the Mediabase top 50 for pop radio (Mediabase basically monitors all the major radio stations in the US).
  14. marvin is so fit!
  15. Glad its doing well on radio

    Perez Hilton tweeted about them earlier too
  16. heard this on z100 (one of the biggest NYC stations) a little earlier, was pretty surprised

    I could see it being a big hit now that I've properly heard this on the radio
  17. Used throughout new walkers advert so seems to be getting a bit of a boost on Itunes because of that
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