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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. The b-side is amazing. I've been listening to it all week.
  2. Yeh its really catchy
  3. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. The Sun aren't exactly known for their reliability.
  4. I Think Rihanna will Duet with them but i dont think Beyonce will.
  5. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    The fact that it is from The Sun makes me raise my eyebrows. I hope they do come to America though and promote properly over here. I think they have a lot of potential to go international and have success.
  6. I doubt that Rihanna article is true
  7. [​IMG]

    Who is he? He is fine!!!! Yes JLS can come the U.S. Rihanna really can do some good after all.
  8. That's Marvin, Rochelle's(The Saturday) new boyfriend apparently.

    I'm looking forward to the rumored Rihanna duet. These guys just keep getting bigger.
  9. Leona is hyping up their potential States success with Grammy talk. . I think with JLS it's a wait and see case. Taio and Jay Sean blew up unexpectedly decent radio friendly songs so who knows.


    I'm trying to think of the last pop group to do well over the Atlantic since the Spice Girls.
  10. Heard Everybody In Love on the radio today. Was in shock!
  11. Where in the world are you Mr. Tyler sir?
  12. The radio was talking about JLS today and said that they are recording a song with Rihanna... can't really believe a random thing about a British band on American radio though...
  13. Connecticut, United States!
  14. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    I bought Everybody in Love on US iTunes last week. I have yet to hear them on the radio though. I'd freak out a bit if I did. It's odd they are not over here promoting. Maybe that will happen soon? I don't know, I hope so.
  15. How's they're US airplay doing? I wonder if 'Everyone In Love' is just a tryout/buzz single, and 'Beat Again' will be the one they get a real promo push for. They might need to incorporate a random US rapper to it somewhere though.
  16. According to a new blog.. they are off to LA to record some new material in April for a few weeks so I guess they will be doing promo then aswell
  17. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    It'd be great if they did. Even if it's small radio stations or something and then the next album or whatever they can try and have a real proper go of breaking America.

    So do we know who they are working with in LA?
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