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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. JR again.
  2. justabluefox

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    Oh. Well I guess that's alright. I do like Everybody in Love. Are they working with anyone else while they are out there?
  3. Have no idea who they will be working with.. but possible collab with Jason Derulo ? I know that he came to one of their tour dates and then met them backstage afterwards.. and there were talks about doing a song together

    I remember reading a while ago about them working with Calvin Harris.. not sure if that ever happened

    btw Lemar & JLS performing What about Love on BBC Sport Relief tonight
  4. God, Lemar totally showed them up on Sport Relief last night. Marvin and JB in particular were terrible.
  5. Yeh I agree they didn't sound too good.. but they have never really been great live singers. & the fact that they hardly were shown singing didnt make it any better (the chorus etc..) and because its Lemars song so they were made to look like his backing singers
  6. I just watched their Sport Relief Performance. Lemar sounded fantastic, they on the other hand didn't. I've really got nothing against the lads, and it's not like they can't sing live, but that was a really bad performance on their part.
  7. They were actually good during the X-factor live rounds and vocally sounded really tight and had reasonable voices.It is a shame that too many of the young pop acts these days do not seem to sing live as much as they should.I am no fan of the Sugababes but I take my hat off to them for performing live on nearly all their tv appearances.
  8. It debuted at #702 on US itunes.
  9. Anyone know how well this is doing in U.S ?
  10. I love comments like this;

    When it's almost identical.
  11. Star* that is shocking that Mary was almost the first single! Things could have been so different for them had they not released Beat Again (no Brit award for best single). I bet Aston and JB are glad they recorded the song now, haha.
  12. Yeh I think things would have been a lot different. Mary just wouldn't have been strong enough.. Beat Again was a good single to start off with and showed them off in a different light.. Aston and JB happy ? Why not the rest
  13. What I want to know is how a song can go from being the lead single to not even making the album...
  14. Good grief! things would've been so different!
  15. Mary is OK but it's no lead single. It sounds too soppy and girly. I think Beat Again had a bit of a wider appeal.
  16. Does anyone know if theyre planning to promote EIL in the US when they fly over there?
  17. On the the album commentary (released on iTunes) Aston and JB admitted that they weren't too sure about Beat Again or if it would be a hit.
  18. Oh yeh I've heard that..
    Marvin also said that they were going to go with Everybody in Love first too.. I think the right decision in the end though.. Beat Again, Everybody in Love & then One Shot
  19. I think they will probably do a bit of promo. They are over there for a few weeks.. Will probably focus more on recording the album though
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