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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Mary is their best song.
  2. Up 10 airplay- #80
    592 on itunes.
  3. They are off to U.S sometime this week.. If they do some promo we may see a rise in chart position over the next month
  4. For anyone that has the album.. just wondering how would you rate the tracks.. with 1 being your favourite & 13 your least favourite

    Heres mine:
    1. Crazy for you
    2. One Shot
    3. Only Tonight
    4. Close to you
    5. Don't Go
    6. Tightrope
    7. Everybody in love
    8. Beat Again
    9. Kickstart
    10. Heal this Heartbreak
    11. Private
    12. Only Making Love
    13. Keep You
  5. Yay, lists!

    1. Beat Again
    2. Heal This Heartbreak
    3. Everybody In Love
    4. One Shot
    5. Close To You
    6. Kickstart
    7. Private
    8. Only Tonight
    9. Keep You
    10. Crazy For You
    11. Don't Go
    12. Tightrope
    13. Only Making Love
  6. 329 on Itunes now

    They are flying out to LA today
  7. How did you find their 329 position? I thought iTunes only showed the top 100?
  8. The video is available for a free download from US iTunes, if anyone's interested.

    I guess they're gearing up for the first single release over there...
  9. Sean84

    Sean84 Guest

    I really think beat again may have done well. All be it with a new video.
  10. Your Welcome

    They are doing a live chat on Z100 22nd April.. UK time 8pm
    & 2 shows out there.. one of them is with Justin Bieber, Usher, Iyaz, Kesha, Jason Derulo etc..

    Thats the only promo I know of so far
  11. That's cool, it's better than nothing! The main thing for them is to get their name out in America and establish a fan base.
  12. Guess they have started promo now.. & the first place they visited seems to love them
    Buzz Media.. anyone heard of them ?

    What a day - JLS (@jlsofficial) just stopped by to BLOW OUR MINDS. They really do have the X-Factor. You'll see...

    You do not realize how much swooning is going on over here right now. RT @jlsofficial @idolator: thanks for looking out for us today!!
  13. Perez Hilton on radio just said they are in US for another 4 weeks.. and are gonna be promoting their single.. Not sure what else was said
    Gonna have to listen later as I missed it
  14. From Twitter:

    I think Everybody In Love will do well in the US now that they're doing promotion for the song. I wonder if they'll appear on any TV shows next.
  15. I will never stop thinking that One Shot & Beat Again are both better than Everybody In Love, but its likely that EIL will make at least some impact in the US. It's only possible downfall (other than being bland & mediocre) is that it is such a typical BSB-era boyband song.
  16. Any fans.. Keep checking their twitter as they update quite a bit.. Been on a few radio stations today in U.S and just did a gig there.. Will probably be some links to listen/watch tomorrow so will post them then

    Perez Hilton was talking about them on radio 1 yesterday
    Said they are filming a music video in the states
    out there for at least another 4 weeks
    have an advantage over alexandra/pixie lott
    his favourite is marvin
  17. JLS' latest video actually made me giggle! FIRST TIME EVER.

    What's happening with this track over there? is it flopping?
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