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JLS - Outta This World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Star*, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Wise decision. Gets no better.
  2. The autotune is horrible but I don't see what's so horrendous about it compared to their other songs. Beat Again, Everybody In Love and One Shot aren't exactly amazing songs.

    The front page did make it sound a lot better though I must say, and for a Sound of Music "sample" it seems quite dark. I was expecting it to be huge and a bit camp.
  3. This song is horrible for me. The robotic auto-tune is a mess!
  4. To be honest it sounds a bit more German boyband produced by Cascada (in Evacuate/Pyromania mode) than 'American'.

    Not that that should be a bad thing at all, in fact that should be brilliant but the song is just a little bit flat (particularly the chorus) and it kinda feels like they've chucked everything but the kitchen sink into the production to disguise that, however that has made it sound messy and amatuerish.
  5. This is utter bollocks.
  6. OK...so. The autotune is probably a bit too mad. But I suppose that's what makes it the kind of song it is really. Mr PJ certainly wasn't lying when he said the kitchen sink had been thrown at it. I'm just thoroughly impressed that they've had the balls to take on an idea that could have been absolute crap (sampling Sound of Music) but done it really bloody well.

    Marvin for some reason in particular shines on this song. Sonically, I think it's their strongest song since 'Beat Again' that sounds like it could be a single - if that makes sense. But I said this the other day, I have a feeling that the next single will probably be a lot stronger.

    Everyone knows really that the second single before the album release is the one that ultimately drives the sales and the tour tickets (watch where my eyes rest, Tangled Up era Aloud). I therefore think they'll be doing something for second single that doesn't totally split people like "The Club Is Alive" has over the last few days. It'll be something closer in sound to "Everybody In Love" or "One Shot" but obviously a bit more developed. The thought of Calvin Harris producing is making me weak knee-d somewhat, that would sound amazing.

    In fact, most people I know who may not have even necessarily liked JLS to the great degree yours truly does say that they're quite partial to "One Shot" and/or "Everybody In Love" because of their more anthemic quality.

    But overall, I'm loving it so far. That dancefloor lyric especially is all shades of brilliant.
  7. Am I the only one that hears "You could be the DJ, I could be the dancefloor, you can get up on me, (BUM ME BUM ME)".

  8. Only until you mentioned it. Oh the mental image I have in my head now...
  9. This has really grown on me.. Really like it now
    and very catchy.. the music video will hopefully be decent and make me like this a lot more
    2nd best single for me after One Shot
  10. It's catchy as hell. Definitely not a masterpiece and i can't see it having longevity in the charts. I still can't completely like this as i hate auto-tune with a passion.
  11. I'm glad not everyone on here is having an orgasm over this song because I just don't get it at all. I think the way they've sampled The Sound of Music is awful and it sounds so cheesy. The vocal effects are blah too. I just think the song is about as overrated as they are as a group.
  12. This sounds absolutely terrible. Cheap, dated production and total autotune overkill. Unfortunately it's gonna be massive though.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    This is one of the worst things I've ever heard in my entire life.

    JLS have only one good song, the Nu Addiction remix of 'One Shot'. I suggest they all go and listen to that RIGHT NOW and use it as the basis of their future sound.
  14. It's genius.

    Fucking brilliant.
  15. I actually don't think its that bad anymore. There are certain moments in the song I'm like NO, just NO. Marvins ''shorties'' and JB's verse being some of those moments.

    As someone else said, I think this will be another Boom Boom Pow. So many people hated it at first but gradually began to like it. Same with Single Ladies.
  16. I like it all apart from "The club is AAAAAAAAALIIVEEE with sound of MUSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC"
  17. Oddly (and I know it's just a clip) I seem to like this, and I really dislike JLS usually.

    Maybe it's because it doesn't actually sound like them, we shall see.
  18. Again, after listening to this multiple times, I still think it's an awful piece of work and it should be banned from ever entering people's ears.

    The club is dead with the sound of shit.
  19. It's the most offensive piece of music I've heard all year. They were shit on The X factor and they are even worse now.
  20. The production is just missing a little more "heavy." It's not as offensively cheese as people are making it seem, it's just a little light in its loafers.
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