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JLS - Outta This World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Star*, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. It's not bad until that chorus. When I heard that, I just wanted to die. Horrible and completely cheesy. Although that's why this song will be big.
  2. I think we should take a list of people in this thread who:

    (a) Says the auto-tune is great
    (b) Loves the cheap production

    Because I can assure you that half these people have slammed other artists and songs for exactly these reason.
  3. Are you guys listening to the full thing or the clip?

    The song I've been sent sounds as though it's a clip repeated 3 times over. This can't be the actual song?
  4. Heard the track on Radio 1 today and all I can say is what a load of old tripe! Autotune overkill (and i'm not against a bit of autotune myself) and dated production. Break the US with this crap, you will not.
  5. Well I certainly haven't.
  6. This song is still utter shite
  7. Shite!

    Just awful!
  8. TM


    It wouldn't be so bad without the auto-tune. I normally don't mind it, but it just doesn't suit their voices.
  9. This song is fucking awful!

    They are trying too hard to be cool and American.
  10. This song is so weak..... They should have released Beat Again Pt.2, anything better than this.

    Anywho, what the hell is that talk about breaking the US?
    It would me a major pop IN-justice if they manage.
  11. Nor have I, so stop trying to point fingers at me.
  12. The autotune doesn't annoy me very much, and I don't think the production sounds cheap like some people have stated. In fact, I think it will sound massive in a club setting.

    It's just the lack of melody that really gets to me. When Beat Again came around, I couldn't believe that the boyband from X Factor had managed to get everything so right - brilliant production, massive chorus, albeit with a dodgy video! But that didn't matter because the song was brilliant, and refreshing. This new single, on the other hand, just doesn't command me to listen to it more than 3 or 4 times.
  13. Its awful. The autotune, melody, everything
  14. Lol hardly anybody likes this.
  15. Sean84

    Sean84 Guest

    I like it. not amazing but will do well and sounds great loud. The next single will be important.
  16. This is the best thing they've put their name to by a long shot.
  17. Agreed.

    I'm not even a 'hater' person of JLS as I liked their previous singles, but i hate this!!!
    I so wanted the new singe to be the bomb!..but it's not!

    Auto-tune = yuk!
  18. RJF


    Having heard it all the way through for the first time just there, I can fully conclude that it is awful. The chorus seems to shit on any momentum built in the bridge with the horrid auto-tune and utterly bizarre production. Needs to find a melody also.

    I was really ready to support this. Oh well.
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