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Jo O'Meara - With Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by _Gru_, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. I forgotten how much I've missed Jo's voice!
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  2. So the album is out next Friday, right? How do we predict it will do? I'm guessing they will be relying on physical formats over streaming.
  3. MB


    She seemed to be signing a good 1000 copies or so yesterday so hopefully she'll get a Top 40 but I won't hold out hope for a Top 10.
  4. Yep. It's not going to alight the charts or sell in the masses. Yet it's a pleasent project mainly for fans and some possible casual listeners too..
  5. Video is a massive improvement, but it's really frustrating that they've not stabilised some of the shots. Could've easily been fixed in post and one of the first things I ever learnt as an editor.
  6. Just to give Jo her moment on here.

    Should this thread now be moved to the main page?

    Abet for a short time.
  7. I'm surprised this wasn't pushed to Mother's Day or Valentine's Day release really or at least early in the year where sales are usually low anyway and releases schedules are quieter.
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  8. The With Love title would have been perfect for both those occasions.

    Maybe she is saving the S Club 7 covers album for a Q1 release.
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  9. I’m really just frightened that she will record covers of the other existing 12 singles. I want deep cuts.

    But I also don’t want her to record covers of Natural or Show Me your Colors.
    • Don't Stop Movin' (obviously)
    • Never Had a Dream Come True
    • Two in a Million
    • Have You Ever
    • Let Me Sleep (I suggested it on Twitter and she liked it so I take that as a selfish omen)
    • All in Love is Fair
    • Reach
    • You're My Number One
    • Viva la Fiesta
    • You
    • Say Goodbye
    That's my guess.
  10. Bring The House Down too maybe?
  11. Assuming they are likely to all be stripped back/ballad type tracks, I'd enjoy something like;

    01. Two in a Million
    02. Reach
    03. All in Love Is Fair
    04. You're My Number One
    05. Have You Ever
    06. Love Ain't Gonna Wait for You
    07. Alive
    08. Cross My Heart
    09. Never Had a Dream Come True
    10. Rain
    11. Let Me Sleep
    12. Don't Stop Movin' (Bonus Track)
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  13. Missing You is pretty good. To think this time two months ago, I was dreading the album and now I'm actually quite excited to hear it in full.
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  14. She could also do Dangerous and Hello Friend.
  15. Genuinely looking forward to this release; I’ve been surprisingly obsessed with On The Surface and Sweet Surrender.

    Given that this has all been very low budget, even to the point of Jo having to open the CDs herself to get the booklets out to sign, to social media content seemingly just been organised by Jo herself… I really cannot work out how successful this will be. How many physical copies will she need to make a dent into the top 40? Which, I feel for Jo, would be a revolutionary success in 2021.
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  16. Yeah, oddly I've gone from 0 to about 7 in terms of my interest in this now.
  17. Oooh Missing You is actually quite nice.
  18. The marker for number 40 this week was about 1,900 copies.

    Sadly I'm not sure she's had enough support to get there. I'm surprised Radio 2 didn't playlist On The Surface.

    Really liking her cover of Missing You. Quite a smart choice of song to do. Looking forward to hearing I Hope You Dance too.
  19. The new album sounds really good from the clips and her voice sounds amazing.

    I wouldn’t mind her making a covers album of S club songs with the same kind of production as this album and not like the unplugged version of “Don’t stop movin’.
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