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Jo O'Meara

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popfiend, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. I may be wrong but I think she made some remark about everyone being malnourished and thin in India because they don't cook their chicken properly.

    I don't think she's racist, but I don't like her or her music.
  2. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    That isn't a racist comment though. It's pig-ignorance.
  3. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    that's probably ignorance. i hear a lot of similar (and wrong) stuff said about ireland, wales and scotland.

  4. Actually, she's used a racist stereotype to denigrate a whole culture. I think that is a racist thing she said - is she a racist? No. Did she make a racist comment? Absolutely without a doubt.
  5. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    But I don't see it as racist because I don't think they meant to be racially offensive. I think by being culturally ignorant, and not thinking before speaking, is generally all three girls' mistakes.
  6. Hullaballoo! Just because they don't know it is racist doesn't excuse the fact that they are being racist. Ignorance can't be an excuse for that. My cousins are Indian and trust me, they squirmed at those comments. Jo has disappointed me severely in this respect, she just comes across very bitter and unpleasant but this is amplified by the fact Shilpa is very, very nice. It just seems unfair on her thus Jo looks like a bitch. I don't think she's a racist but again, her comments were racist and that's a fact.

    Danielle is worse though.
  7. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    I can see why they squirmed and I can see (on some levels) why their actions have been interpreted as racist. But my point is, I am refusing to label them as racists because they do not seem to be so. Jade was an influence on the other two - they are all over Shilpa and I doubt they would even touch her if they were racist.

    I find Jo to be the worst, and I don't know why. I think it is because Jade is a brutish oaf and Danielle is very pretty. It seems easier to see the malice in her.
  8. You mean buying it now, I take it. I bought it last year and I like it, and there's no way I'm going to feel ashamed about that. But seeing her ganging up against Shilpa made me want to shout: "Get that smug, cowardly smile off your face, young lady!" Little bastard! I'm such a die-hard fan that when I've been in Romford (not the most fun place on the planet) I've felt privileged to be where she grew up; but her lazy, slobby attitude on CBB has put me off her a bit.

    But generally, how affected should we be by artists' private attitudes? A great deal, like it's good if we boycott products made with near-slave labour etc. But after a while you can't help but forgive and forget. I couldn't stand James Brown for several years, because of his wife-beating, but in the last few years I was just happy to enjoy his showmanship. I used to hate Eric Clapton for a few years - don't you dare be a racist if you made your career on ripping off another race's culture! - but now I can't be bothered about that anymore. His racist comments in the 70s were relatively mild, weren't they? And hating him won't bring Jimi Hendrix back anyway.

    A thing I'm concerned about now is if Cheryl Cole is a re-offender. Her attack on Sophie Amogbokpa could have had racist elements - even if you don't know if she would have attacked a white person as badly in that situation. But now she and her gang has twice made a rubbish, if quite light-hearted, attack on group led by a black woman (Shaznay). I hope I'm wrong, not least because I want her group to continue and be successful as long as possible. But I'm not totally happy about it anyway.
  9. I think you need to take a deep breath and relax. Saying All Saints are shit is OK. It is not a racist comment just because one member is black. And the attack in the toilet? It was reported after the event that the initial statement given to the Police by Miss Amogbokpa contained no accusations of racial abuse, these being added after a sunday newspaper spoke with her about publishing her story. Whether this is true or not I don't know, and I can't find the source. But I really don't think you need worry about Cheryl and co.

    Jo O'Meara is a mallet faced cunt though.
  10. Are you serious? Where do you draw the line? You can play this game for as long as you want; find things a person has spoken negatively about, play six degrees to find a minority, and you can turn anyone into a Nazi. Cheryl and her "gang" (hah) have been in the news feuding with loads of people...Lily Allen, Pete Doherty, Charlotte Church, Busted; eventually a black person will be on her radar. The only people who will consider that even vaguely racist are the 3am Girls, and that's only if they have nothing better to write about.
  11. I've been branded a woman hater on this forum plenty of times despite the fact my favourite singers are all women. It is very easy to turn someone into something they are not - but explaining racist comments is very difficult because nobody in the public eye will want to admit they are prejudiced because it could lead to commercial suicide. The BNP themselves don't admit to being racist either. Utterly bizarre isn't it?
  12. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    you've just summed up most of the people in Britain there.
  13. She is apparently releasing a new album in summer.
  14. Never mind the Ariana thread, the darkest energies of the forrem are contained in this thread.
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  15. That’s extremely ambitious. Nobody wants this, surely? Her last album was awful and that was before her racist shenanigans.
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  16. With every passing week, 2020 is feeling more and more like the answer to a question that nobody asked.
  17. Reading this thread was a trip, the girls were hateful back in 07! Also I'm struggling to fully comprehend how we let Lindsay Lohan and Jo O'Meara appear on the first page of Pop & Justice in 2020.
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  18. Where’s the Don’t Comeback Corner?
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