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Joanna Newsom - Divers

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. New album Divers out in October.


    Anecdotes 6:27
    Sapokanikan 5:11
    Leaving the City 3:48
    Goose Eggs 5:01
    Waltz of the 101st Lightborne 5:22
    The Things I Say 2:35
    Divers 7:07
    Same Old Man 2:26
    You Will Not Take My Heart Alive 4:01
    A Pin-Light Bent 4:26
    Time, As a Symptom 5:28
  2. Sapokanikan is so beautiful I'm about to cry in the library

    The 'hunter' section destroyed me
  3. I haven't listened yet. I have to be in a place free of all distractions.
  4. YES.

    I adore the song. Need 800 more listens. She's so beautiful and adorable, too.
  5. So it's finally here. Sapokanikan sounds pretty good at first and then becomes really amazing around 3:30. It's not too different from what she did on Have One On Me, but perhaps a bit more lively and joyous.

    I also like that the songs are a bit shorter this time around.
  6. Posting the video just to have it posted in the thread.

  7. Such an amazing track. October 23rd doesn't seem that far away.
  8. Gorgeous. I'm really glad we don't have to wait another six months or so for the album.
  9. Really loving the cover too :

  10. I'm totally ready to hear Goose Eggs. Give me those rustic anthems that I crave.
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  11. Yup, completely agree. On first listen, the first half of the song sounds surprisingly familiar and unsurprising by her standards. But once the brass arrangement kicks in about halfway through it turns into something glorious, and the last minute is absolutely beautiful. Between Divers, Sufjan, and Father John Misty, it's shaping up to be a vintage year for the alt-folk fans.
  12. God, this is amazing. It goes full on 'Army Dreamers'-esque Kate Bush half way through. So excited for this.
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  13. I just spat my tea out all over the cat.

    Take me into the forbidden forest, Queen. I'm ready.
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  14. "Good heavens—five years go by—what can one do? Dive, listener, knowing that diversions aplenty await: a wheeling circuit of sci-fi sea-shanties and cavalier ballads; a family of polysemic song-sets; a paranomasaic Liederkreis of harmonic sympathies and knotted hierarchies; a fanfare of brazen puns and martial lullabies, blazing in sorrow and horseplay and love, in turns symphonic and spare, joined by Mellotrons and Marxophones and Moogs, clavichords and celestas—and of course the harp, thrumming its threnodies of circadian invasions and avian irruptions and strange loops of Shepard-toned resonant-frequencies and something called goddamned Simulacreage…

    The music of Divers is a wonder of considered arrangements, immaculately sequenced for telescoped brevity. The music speeds with dissociative dread over montaged cityscapes; it hoofs with delight among the collaged quotations and sepia-toned codices of Popular Song; it ambles its carefree citational course through the public domain and down into the dustier corners of municipal parks, to lionize infamous airmen and anonymous Dutch Masters, to mourn pearl divers and Poorwills, and to elegize the ineluctable tragedy of relativity…

    At the center of the mythos and the maelstrom is the woman. Divers reminds us that Newsom is a melodist, above all—an acolyte of melody and beauty in form, a crackerjack of emotional truth conveyed with undiluted immediacy. Here, at the aortic confluence of countless strings and wires, winking beneath the lacquered layers of instrumental nacre, biding quietly between the ranges of rhapsodic arrangement—including those by Nico Muhly, Ryan Francesconi, Dave Longstreth, and Newsom herself—there lies an intimacy seldom achieved, and simply heard. Divers dives forth with a pure love and respect for the traditions and mysteries of man, such that we can feel the surge of life itself passing over our bones as we hear the songs and sounds, the players and the arrangements; as basic maths are reviewed to uncover heights of joy and sorrow, all traced in triumphal arches and supernumerary rainbows through eternal amber, gleaming in analog entrapment—with that VOICE riding high atop—recorded with snow-bright, high-noon-verity by Steve Albini and Noah Georgeson, mixed in phantasmagoric, deep-sea-saturation by Noah and Joanna, and loosed, fuckin’ FINALLY, on October 23rd by Drag City Records.

    We have reached Peak Newsom. Divers is coming, to incline into your many and varied lifelines, for now and then and the rest of the moments that will always return in your lifetimes again."



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  15. Oh my god. I'm not ready..

    What a beautiful album cover. What a beautiful song. What a fantastic year for music so far.
  16. Yes! I love the epic scale of Have One On Me but I don't mind her going back to The Milk-eyed Mender length. This song has absolutely destroyed me btw.
  17. Is it just me or does this sound brighter and warmer than usual Joanna? It feels more orange, more luminous. Gorgeous, gorgeous song.

    I hadn't realized how much I missed her!
  18. For some reason I feel this will leak very early, which usually means that it doesn't appear 'til the day of release.
  19. I did give the song a try, honest. The music is too notch, but at the 4 minute mark I swear she was holding her nose so tightly she was going to explode.
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