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Johan Agebjorn - Casablanca Nights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by type:epyt, May 11, 2011.

  1. So this came out this week ... Anyone else with any thoughts?

    Sally Shapiro x 3
    Queen of Hearts
    Friday Bridge
    Lake Heartbeat ... all contibute ...

    It doees feel a bit like a compilation, especially with a couple of old tracks and what was a remix thrown in but it is a good listen and is no more sporadic than something like a Moby album ...

    ps. This album brought Lake Heartbeat to my attention a month back ... His album is easily the most played of the year so far in my house, in one month alone ... Anyone who like Club 8 or Radio Dpt. should def. give it a listen ... Sorry to prattle on but there's no point creating another thread for it be criminally ignored ...
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  3. Cheers monkeyboy ...
  4. I'm really looking forward to this album, got the physical on order but it doesn't come out till later this month so I got the Casablanca track on it's own to tide me till then! Listening to the previews all the tracks seem pretty strong so am expecting big things. Shame he didn't rope in Cloetta Paris for a track or two!

    I only found out about Lake Heartbeat two weeks ago, I found the album in a massive reduced section for two quid and bought it just cause I loved the photography they used for the cover and booklet. Turns out it's exactly the kind of music I love!
  5. I'm looking forward to this album..
  6. I listened to the album when it streamed online on Moday and it sounded really solid. I will be searching for a copy.

    Wolfram and Anoraak's recent albums have also been really good and both featured Sally Shapiro.

    The Mountain Lake, Johan second ambient album is also so much better than his first Mossebo!!! It is a bit more like a soundtrack than a few random ambient songs.
  7. I just bought The Last Day of Summer and Casablanca Nights (cause that's all I could afford atm) and I love both songs. Queen of Hearts and Sally Shapiro's vocals are great as usual.
  8. CD arrived today, just put it on this minute!
  9. I think Alice is my favourite track, have it on repeat.
  10. It's very..............pretty............bubbles and throbs nicely, some sounding quite Vanbot-esque and I love anything Sally Shapiro puts her voice to.
  11. Getting better with every listen, probably a good job Gaga didn't arrive today, otherwise would not be playing this to death.
  12. ^ Love the video. Simple yet pretty and elegant. The video makes me love the song more. I feel so bad for Queen of Hearts by the end of the video. She looks so sad at the end. ;_;

    Just bought two more songs off the album. Really liking the This Case Is Closed remix.
  13. Wow, Queen of Hearts is properly amazing. I love this.
  14. The single's gonna be out on May 31st. It's gonna have remixes by Dreamtrak, Ercola, Le Prix, and Le Matos. *drools*
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    New album from Johan entitled Notes comes out on 10th February 2015.

    01. The Right to Play
    02. Spin My Head Through Times
    03. The Boy Who Thought It Was a Good Idea to Cry
    04. Malala's Dream
    05. The Leftovers (feat. Loney Dear)
    06. You Passed Through (feat. Young Galaxy)
    07. Careful (feat. Sally Shapiro)
    08. Will They Forgive Us
    09. Brain Machine - Alpha Beta Gamma (Johan Agebjörn Remix Edit)
    10. It Was Never a Challenge to Love You
    11. The Best Thing (feat. Sally Shapiro)
    12. On Golden Wings I Fly


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