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John Foxx And The Maths

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Omar God, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Anyone else on here like John Foxx?

    only discovered John Foxx recently (though I was familiar with Underpass). But stumbled across his new stuff with The Maths whilst mooching on Youtube and it's amazing, analogue synth-pop bliss.

    The sort of dark synth-pop folks like Ladytron hint at but seldom deliver. Interplay is a work of art.
  2. I like a lot of early 80s solo Foxx stuff. Must give the newer material a listen!
  3. Yes. Massive John Foxx fan.

    I love Metamatic, which is massively underated and very much responsible for a huge swathe of the minimal synth stuff I listen to, and The Garden. Never get bored of either of those. His newer material, in particular Crash And Burn, isn't a disappointment either.

    Metamatic is wonderful. One of my favourite twenty albums. I love that he's kept going in such style.
  5. Interplay is a thing of beauty and one of his best albums ever. I enjoy The Shape of Things a lot, although it does go on a bit...The recent release, Evidence, plays almost like a series of outtakes from the other two, but has it's moments (Tara Busch and Matthew Dear, notably). I love that he's been so consistent over the course of a commercially "quiet" but wildly influential career.
  6. Interplay is sublime but as you say, The Shape of Things hasn't quite got that poppy momentum of it's predecessor and Evidence is definitely the most 'experimental' of the three albums but none the less, they are fantastic albums.
    I made a comment about Ladytron in my original post. Only found out from watching the live show that one of my favourite tracks, Watching Buildings on Fire was co-written with Ladytron's Mira (doing a fabulous Cindy Ecstasy impersonation).....well I never.

    Well, I just ordered me a copy of Metamatic and The Garden, it'll be interesting to hear how these compare with his new stuff.
  7. You're in for a treat. Metamatic is a seminal album of minimal synth pop and hopefully you bought the remastered version. I still curse myself for not buying the Japanese cardboard sleeve reissues when they were available. While this isn't always a popular opinion, In Mysterious Ways is also a wonderful album. Modern Art: The Best of John Foxx is a pretty great compilation if you're interested in some of his other work without wanting to buy complete albums...
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  8. Pye


    I haven't listened to this for sometime, I think it's time to rediscover it..... I often look at it when playing Cd's but just never seem to play it.
  9. It's all gone a bit quiet in the John Foxx universe since the Machine album a year ago. I'm hoping he still has some music waiting for release. I was surprised by fact that the fancy complete Cathedral Oceans set didn't sell out (and is still available online) but I guess he has always been something of an acquired taste.
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