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John Grant - Boy From Michigan (June 25th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. Our favorite Sardonic Bear™ has been hinting at his next album recently, and it would appear that things will officially be kicking off starting on Wednesday.

    I'm ready.
  2. Yessss, I'm always ready for more John.
  3. I found the last two albums a bit hit and miss but adore the first two.
    I love his voice so hoping for greatness again.
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  4. I still haven't managed to listen to The Only Baby in full yet. I prefer his witty and emotional songwriting to the parody songs he seems to favour lately.
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  5. Boy From Michigan is out on 25 June:


    Boy from Michigan
    County Fair
    The Rusty Bull
    The Cruise Room
    Mike and Julie
    Best In Me
    Rhetorical Figure
    Just So You Know
    Dandy Star
    Your Portfolio
    The Only Baby

  6. I love the title track, this bodes well.
  7. The vocals on Boy From Michigan remind me of Queen of Denmark (which is still my favourite John Grant album).
  8. Obsessed with the pulp horror vibes of the artwork.
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  9. Oh this is very good.
  10. Please be good again!
  11. Love the single. And the entire album is produced by Cate Le Bon? A literal dream. She released a full gig film / visual album for her last album Reward earlier this month which is probably my favourite pop thing so far this year:

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  12. Love Is Magic was questionable in parts to say the least but I’m revisiting it today and it’s aged better than I thought it would.

    Love the title track and it’s all over the place-ness. It’s a ride. The Only Baby is fine but I’d prefer it half the length.
  13. Love Is Magic was an enormous disappointment. Grey Tickles, Black Pressure suffered from horrid, airless production - it came to life live, but some of the songs are decidedly C-list. So, we'll see.
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  14. Doing his best Iggy Pop impression on the new one:

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  15. I was hoping for a "return to form" after Love is Magic, and the early reviews have been largely positive, but I've been baffled by the first few songs. The promo for this has been very low key...
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  16. Oh man, I feel ya... I was ready to become a full fledged stan after albums two and (bits of album) three. That went South pretty quickly. He's got it all, I'm just not feeling the music anymore.
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  17. The previews sound good... I agree, I didn't enjoy much of the last record (but actually loved Grey Tickles.... however that was my entry point into John Grant's music). I'm cautiously optimistic about this new album, despite the lengths of some of the tracks.

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  18. It’s a slog to get through that’s for sure but it’s more enjoyable than the last album on first listen (which I had to do in two halves).
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  19. Yeah I think the lengths of these tracks is too much. There are good songs here but it takes too long for them to get going for the most part. Shame.
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