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John Tucker Must Die

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ilkw, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Firstly, don't listen to Sugar - this is nowhere near as good as Mean Girls. (Although it does have the best cinematic line since, "Why did g-girl throw a shark at us?")

    Secondly, I'm normally quite good at noticing songs when they come on in a film, but when/where was Matt Willis' Hey Kid used?
  2. Yh, i thought the same. Did they play the WHOLE video before the film started? Cuz they did for me and i was like 'i like this song, but i came 2 see the film not a freakin video, so get on wid it.'

    Anyways, it wasnt in the film at all. So im guessing it was the main song off the soundtrack for the UK, cuz for america it would be '[email protected] by Stephy?

  3. No, I didn't get the video. Unless it was at the very start of the adverts, my cinema didn't play it. We did get two of the screens telling the audience that John Tucker was about to start, which was a little strange.
  4. Saw this movie today... It was HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE ACTING, HORRIBLE STORYLINE (Stolen from Mean Girls... Girl is new to school, Girl wants to be cool, Girl isn't cool, Group of people hates another, Group convinces new girl to pretend to be one of them, New girl does, New girl ends up being hated, Mother gets mad, etc. If I was Tina Fey, I'd through a fit.) TERRIBLE Message, ETC ETC. My *Favorite* (if you could call it that) Bit was the whole STD deal, because if you have an STD, it means you are disgusting and need to have things thrown at you.


    I seriously 1/5th of the way through this movie began opening my new PSP-accessory-Box, trying to do so without making a sound. Let's just say that this game I was playing had more plot and adventure than JTMD.
  5. To be honest, i was expecting wot u jus put, thats wot the reviews said so i didnt expect any less, tho i was disappointed with the ending...
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