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John Waters.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tommie, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. I watched a film on TV the other night called The Greasy Strangler. It was like if John Waters had directed Napoleon Dynamite. It was outstanding.
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  2. Just reading this thread made me laugh out loud. Amazing quotes.

    I wonder why John's movies aren't on streaming (except Cry Baby), at least not in the UK. Some used to show on Sky. Also, has anyone seen the Criterion Edition on Female Trouble is it worth upgrading from the DVD?
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  3. Yes, just for the extras. If you haven't got Multiple Maniacs, grab it!
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  4. He needs to do a new film with Kathleen Turner. She's still hilarious and up for anything.

    There was word that he had a deal for a television series. No idea what became of it or which network it was with.

    His books are very funny. "Role Models" is probably my favorite.

    It's hilarious that Criterion of all companies are releasing his films with cleaned up prints - which I own, of course. "Serial Mom" was released on Blu-ray not too long ago with new packaging and features.

    I need "Desperate Living" now to be released! Queen Carlotta forever!

    They still haven't done "Pink Flamingos" yet. I love the story of the police report by the family that thought John had always been a "Hairspray" type writer and director. They got home and were horrified and notified the police.

    Watching Tracey Ullman doing the Hokey Pokey, picking a water bottle up with her cooch in front of a bunch of old people still makes be howl.

    My favorite line from "A DIrty Shame": "I'm not a prude, I'm married to an Italian." John Waters said that someone on the censor board actually said this to him as they were deciding on a rating for his film.

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  5. Cecil B. Demented though. Hilarious! Bitchy! Brilliant! A commercial flop.
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  6. I've got a feeling Pink Flamingos might never come out on Blu-ray, unless they cut the scene where they kill the chicken?
  7. Desperate Living is AMAZING. Every second is an iconic moment.
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  8. I just ordered Multiple Maniacs on Bluray, so excited.
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  9. I haven’t watched any of his films for awhile. I need a marathon.
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  11. His first novel, Liarmouth, is also out in May. He'll be appearing at the Barbican on 10 June.
  12. I’ve just finished reading this. It didn’t disappoint!
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