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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Resi12, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. It feels like Christmas.
  2. Fuck, Jo took all of my wigs today! So fucking excited!
  3. That was the first time I watched one of those premiere things on YouTube and that Q&A was... intense. @timothy_b already perfectly summed up what was said in the Q&A, I have just noted a few more things which could be interesting to you guys ...

    - apparently, the collabs on the album are all female (the answer she gave was kind of ambiguous so don't get too excited about it though)
    - "Joanna" is the chillest song on the album, as @timothy_b pointed out it's apparently bops heavy, she couldn't stop raving about how "fire" and upbeat the album is
    - the lyrics of "Joanna" were inspired by actual tweets. Her favorite line is "Nobody likes you in Massachusetts"
    - she seemed really touched about all the comments praising Agape
    - her biggest musical inspiration at the moment is J. Cole (TASTE!)
    - she loves Summer Walkers and Ari Lennox's latest albums (TASTE! part 2)
    - she praised Mariah Carey: "i just want to sing her backgrounds w her lol" (TASTE! part 3)
    - she also praised Yebba, Billie Eilish and Jhené Aiko (her taste is at this point obviously immaculate)
    - she also said that there was "nothing traditional about these releases." Take this as you want. ​

    I love the music video for "Joanna." It's very simple but it perfectly fits and sort of elevates the song. I really love this track, as so many of you already pointed out the Agape vibes are real and I couldn't be happier. The production is so subtle and I love when JoJo does this kind of chill and stripped R&B songs. She seems in a very good place, it feels like she's really in control this time around and is gonna do exactly what she always wanted to do musically. What a time to be a stan.
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  4. Fantastic to see more new music coming so soon! Love the artwork.
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  5. THE QUEEN IS FEEEDING US!!!!!! I love that she has only female features. God I stan her so goddamn hard!!!
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  6. I'm just so fucking excited for everything.
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  7. I just caught the video. God she’s so beautiful. I love the colour palette too. Such a simple video but it really drives home the lyrics.
  8. Somebody is being generous and leaking A LOT of JoJo songs from her Mad Love sessions currently. So far there are:

    Last Call - I really like this one, very catchy! However, it reminds me more of a song that Kelly Clarkson would release and not JoJo. Makes sense that she didn't keep this.

    Fuckinging Genius -
    It's a bop, but I can see why it's been left off of Mad Love. A bit too basic.

    Painkiller - Beautiful song, great vocal, but also a bit too bland. Would fit in perfectly with I Won't and Synthetic.

    Bad Vibrations - It's a bop!

    Redflag (Snippet)
    I Miss Ur Sex (Snippet)
    Like I Do (Snippet - sounds the most like it would have fit on the final album)
    Merry Christmas Babe (Snippet - potentially for an upcoming release)
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  9. I couldn't find Redflag and I Miss Ur Sex, but from what I've heard I only liked Painkiller, very gorgeous ballad indeed. Also Like I Do sounds gorgeous, wish it could leak in full.
  10. I just had an orgasm.

    Okay I couldn't find the snippets, but I love all these new leaked song. I think Bad Vibrations might be my favorite. Whatever she's doing with her voice at the beginning is really interesting. 4 more great songs to add to my Mad Love. Disc 2.
    @LeBratt don't want you to miss this.

    Also, I just remebered we're getting a new song a week from Friday. She's completely feeding us without totally meaning too.
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  11. Sorry for the double post, but I ordered the Mad Love vinyl from her website at the end of September and it still hasn't come. Does anyone know how much longer it might be?
  12. Guy


    Fucking Genius is that trashy bop I never knew I wanted from Jo
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  13. Random JoJo thought of the week: the irony that if The Other Chick was actually released when it was meant to, the video would've been doomed to typical 480p quality most videos that time came out in is not lost on me.

    Also there's so many versions of the song in different pitches I have no clue what the actual version is nn
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  14. The trashy Zedd remix still slaps.
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  15. That's a clip of the actual version with the correct pitch.

    Watching that is such torture. A bop for the ages!
  16. Okay it's bothered me for a while but is Paint used anywhere? Or did it become something else? Because the chorus Melody and the "don't fuck with me" intro are really familiar to me.
  17. Are you referring to the Jai Paul sample?
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  18. When she looked like Lindsay Lohan for a hot second. I forgot all about this.
  19. Yes but my problem is i don't know why I recognize that or the chorus melody.
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