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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Resi12, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. How am I just now realizing the Hellberg remix of Fuck Apologies. is a total bop?
  2. Thanks @Music Is Life for reminding me of my wise words. Still true!
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  3. No problem! I wish she had included it in the re-records.
  4. I haven't listened yet, but Jojo guested on one of my favourite podcasts this week (Keep It).
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  5. There is a 8-minutes documentary about the making of Jumping Trains that I didn’t know existed... so just in case anybody was as clueless about this as me here is a link to watch it:

    The statements by Barry make me feel some ways knowing the situation and what he put JoJo through...
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  6. RMK


    I never knew the only version we had for The Other Chick was a clean version.
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  7. The Other Chick could’ve been a huge moment for her, but I’m actually glad this never came out. You can tell from the doc they were doing everything on the cheap. It just seems a little bit beneath her quality control.
  8. That whole speech about loyalty made my skin crawl. It was obviously a thinly veiled threat.
  9. Noooo @Music Is Life reminding me this never happened.
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  10. I'm sorry! I liked the idea of it. But yeah I wish it happened too.
  11. Hey everyone! As I'm sure some of you know, I've been reading through old posts in this thread and just got to the time when she was on the leaks/mixtape/covers tour (which I really wish I had been able to see, y'all are lucky that did get to go) and realized that while I talked about it in the Rate Queue, I don't think I did in here. And since I'm dying to talk about her/it since I'm on another binge of her music, I will now. I'm planning on running an unreleased, cover and maybe demo JoJo rate after my Miley one wraps up, so it'll happen probably sometime next year and I just wanted to get some feedback on the song list I have so far. What I should add, take out, or anything else. Here it is.
    Disclosure: Each album is how I have it set up in my iTunes, so if you see something that doesn't match up with what you think, I apologize.
    Joanna Levesque (Demo Tape - maybe)
    Shakey Ground
    Mustang Sally
    The House That Jack Built
    It Ain't Always What You Do
    Chain Of Fools

    JoJo/The High Road
    Kinda Shy
    Can't Believe It
    I Need To Know (with Ne-Yo)
    Beautiful Girls Reply
    Hooked On You
    Coming For You (Demo - maybe)

    All I Want Is Everything
    25 To Life
    Back Words
    What You Do
    I Hate Love
    Keep Forgetting (To Forget About You)
    No More Tears
    Wrong Man For The Job
    How You Did It
    Beautiful Distraction
    Forever In My Life
    All I Want Is Everything*
    Don't Call Here No More
    Wait A Minute (For Your Love)
    Impossible To Love You
    You Take Me (Around The World) (with Daft Punk)
    Before We Take It There

    Jumping Trains
    Jumping Trains
    Cold Blooded
    The Other Chick*
    Safe With Me
    Fly Away (AKA Miss My Flight)
    Who's Gonna Fight For Me?
    Something In The Water
    Last Heart Standing
    Prototype/Night & Day
    Play This Twice (Live - maybe)

    Sexy To Me*
    Lie To Me
    Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)*
    Paper Airplanes
    Touch Down
    My Heart Never Had A Hero
    Guardian Angel
    Sister Wife

    III/Mad Love. Demos (which I've since decided to call Fucking Genius, cause I love the idea of that as an album title for her.)
    Get Off On This
    Instant Impact
    Fucking Genius
    I Won't
    Sweetest Hangover
    Last Call
    Far From Heaven
    Don't Give Out My Love
    Bad Vibrations

    Nobody Can Change Me
    That'll Be The Day
    Lose Control*
    The Other Chick (Zedd Remix)
    Sexy To Me (Demo - maybe)
    Obey (Live - maybe)
    Pillowtalk (Live)
    Sucks To Be You (with LMFAO)
    Save My Soul (Demo - maybe)
    Say Love (Demo - maybe)

    * - Yes, these were officially released. And normally I would want to avoid these, especially if they were included in the original rate, but it'd be so weird for me personally to not have them. Would we want to rate Jumping Trains without Disaster, or All I Want Is Everything without the title track? And Demonstrate was a song for it's own album and it'd be weird not to have that. And the other songs flesh out they're "albums" well. But if y'all would prefer not to have them that's fine. And please let me know if they're anything you absolutely want or absolutely don't want as a whole. If only one of you doesn't want specific extra songs I'm willing to leave out, than I wont bother keeping it out.
  12. Bezos will get my 11.
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  13. I fully support this. It's kinda amazing.
  14. If we do do a rate, they'll probably need to be a... "list" of the songs easily accessible/available, as JoJo's leaks on the internet tend to be a bit messy.
  15. Oh, I own all these songs in the list, so I was planning on just sharing them with everyone who participates who needs them.
    And there's no if. I'm definitely doing it.
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  16. Guy


    The “don’t make me get ghetto” line though nn
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  17. I did say kinda.
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  18. Forever In My Life for the win please.
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  19. While I enjoy the song, I don't support this.
  20. Upon listening to the song again today, it kinda blew me away? I wasn't ready for it.
    Maybe I would be okay with it winning.
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