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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Guy


    Describe JoJo in one word
  2. So accurate!
  3. Hahahah, I mean we only speak facts here in the JoJo thread!
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  4. She's going to be the first guest for the new season of Ridiculousness on MTV.
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  5. Let’s hope that they have much more promo in place! If they get her more “out there” the music and her amazing vocals will do the rest. This is all very promising already though.
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  6. That's what I was thinking too. It'd be amazing if we started seeing her everywhere.
    Oooo maybe they can book Carpool Karaoke. She'd hilariously sing circles around James Corden and it'd be so entertaining.
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  7. Joanne sis, no:
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  8. She keeps on giving! We should get Sabotage and Man (hopefully) too!

  9. She's such a charismatic person and performer! I can't wait for her to get the recognition she deserves this year! I love her so much!
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  10. Yessssssss I love it when I speak things into existence! I'm sure we'll get the one for Man when it comes out.
  11. I would love her to go onto carpool karaoke to showcase just how good a fucking singer she is. But can it be with anyone other than Cordon? Last thing I need or want is him shouting over her during the drive. A Kellyoke with JoJo would be cute though!
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  12. Isn't Cordon the only one who does it though? I just figured it'd be the one to give her the most attention.

    I hope to God she books an apperance on Kelly's show. Please, I need it.
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  13. Kelly’s show would be great for her!
  14. Carpool Karaoke is so big that they are clearly very selective about guests and usually go for A-Listers. I'd love to see her on though. Corden may be an idiot but he's actually the perfect foil for those videos - I doubt other late night hosts would be as good.

    Kelly would be great. Seems clear that she needs to do as many youtube/tv activities as possible that show off her voice because they always get a lot of viewers.
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  15. She also knows about the horrors of certain music labels.
  16. Guy


  17. Knowing how much she LOVES Mariah she must have been dying inside! Excited to see what they did. I also love how much Mariah seems to like JoJo. Talent stanning talent!

  18. I hope they do a medley or one of each of their songs. REGARDLESS - our girl is with the queen.

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