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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Man is ferocious. One of the best songs of the year.
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  2. She may as well just say she hates the Tringle and cull it from her future sets!!!!!
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  3. Guy


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  4. aux


    This is such a great idea.
  5. Guy


    “ new album Good To Know, which comes out soon
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  6. “Go stream it, you got time. I know you do” God I love her!!!!!

    Edit: that version of Man, my god!!! The harmonies, the adlibs, the range, the power THE FUCKING TALENT of it all!!! Imagine she nailing her vocals that effortlessly just rolling around in her own bed?! I truly do stan a vocal legend.
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  7. It just cracks me up that all these artists are dropping out of releasing because they can't promote anytime soon. Meanwhile, this woman is alternating between her kitchen, living room and damn bedroom yet grinding hard and doing as much as she possibly can.
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  8. That was a cute lil setlist on the GlobalCitizen live:

    Never Say Goodbye
    Say So
    Small Things

    HER, Jessie J and Anne-Marie all jumped in the chat.
  9. You can tell she really loves the music and being a singer and doesn't care that much for the economic aspect of it. She just wants to sing, and she's aware that we're all home and that that's the biggest gift she can give us amidst all of this. Other artists can't relate.
  10. I think one of the main reasons for this is her pure talent and absolute joy for music and performing. Most artists would not be able to shine in such a setting, completely stripped back of everything and only relying on their musicianship. It speaks volumes that she’s capable of pulling of something like this MTV Unplugged so effortlessly using instrumentals on her freakin’ MacBook and sitting in her bedroom! Her hustle and lust for this business is a pure joy to witness and I’m more than happy and thankful that more people take notice of it now.
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  11. It’s as if all those dreaded years she spent in limbo where she had to hustle doing covers on YouTube, live stream performances and constantly put out material by way of Soundcloud and RapUp are now coming in handy.

    TALENT WILL ALWAYS WIN!!! Even in the face of a goddamn pandemic!
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  12. Just absolutely gorgeous!

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  13. MB


    Tour postponed....

  14. I wonder if her UK dates are postponed too seen as they aren't until the end of August.
  15. MB


    That was my thinking / hope!
  16. I’m believing that the UK dates will also be postponed. The way things are going I don’t see gigs happening for a long time still.
  17. MB


    Alright mr negative! I mean the UK will be back to normal by then but she probably wants to start it in the US and go from there.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. MB


    Natalie from Scooch.
  20. She started her last tour in Europe. But yeah, we'll see her in 2021.

    Small Things is a joy. Can't wait for the main version.
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