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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Whilst I understand what you're saying, I think JoJo is picky about who she collaborates with as it could be detrimental to her position amongst the R&B crowd as I don't think they take too well to artists flip-flopping between genres.

    I would love to hear her on some dance features as I love her voice on Good Thing/ Don't Give Out My Love/ Waiting For You but I think her team are smart with her most recent collaborations (Tank, PJ Morton).
  2. RMK


    This makes sense given the era right now, and it's definitely respectable, but even during Tringle days there didn't seem to be a big push for anything when the aim was more broad. It just restricts her audience by a lot, and she isn't getting heavily playlisted on Spotify.
  3. Yeah, linking with Mark Ronson or KAYTRANADA for a cute bop moment would be lovely.
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  4. Thank God she isn't! The recent collaborations she did with Jacob Collier, Tank and PJ Morton helped her reintroduce and reaffirm herself as an extremely-talented and serious singer in the R&B field and the latter actually won her a Grammy and a shower of praise. A Sigala or a R3HAB collaboration is the last thing she needs at this point in her career. She's clearly not aiming to become a singer known for her features that don't reflect her actual music so I think she's being extremely smart. I'd take a KAYTRANADA or BADBADNOTGOOD collab anyday though! She'd also sound perfectly at home on a Black Coffee or Disclosure production...
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  5. I first read that as "Trey Lorenz" and thought "how nice that Mariah allowed him to do it!"...
  6. I don't think it's about the audience. It's about her own taste and also her own connections in the industry. Both Tank and PJ Morton reached out to her directly for their albums, rather than her team having anything to do with it. I definitely think she has remained more relevant in R&B artist circles more than pop because if you can sing, people will always respect you there.

    Between the Grammy success and hopefully a quality album coming now, this period should open doors for more collabs down the line.

    Also, I don't think a Demi collab would go anywhere, but I wouldn't mind Sam Smith. He clearly stans her.
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  7. I’ve always thought JoJo hasn’t jumped to feature on just any song is because she genuinely loves R&B music with all her heart, so jumping on a candy floss dance track for the sake of exposure wouldn’t be her main priority. Also, as she’s a white woman in R&B she could very easily be accused of hopping on and off the genre when it suits her best, not that she would ever or anything.
  8. So, apparently Lonely Hearts is being released this Friday along with Comeback.

    I feel like I might have to avoid listening to them or else I'm going to have about 4 new tracks to listen to and it'll ruin my album experience.
  9. I've been pumping Man really hard since last week and I'm definitely gonna sacrifice my album experience to listen to Comeback and Lonely Hearts. I'm just too thirsty at this moment.
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  10. I'm extremely ready for more and I started thinking we wouldn't get any more songs until the album release, so two more songs a week before it comes out? Fuck yeah.
  11. Oh god! Can’t wait. A few people who have received the album beforehand have already claimed Lonely Hearts to be the best track.
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  12. I listened to Forever In My Life earlier, it should have been a huge hit.
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  13. Keep Forgetting... should have been her third hit. What a bop! I can't even imagine what a 2011 top ten might have looked like with Nicki, Beyoncé, Gaga, Kelly Rowland and JoJo all included.
  14. Lie To Me is literally the Blackout 2.0 banger we never got. It desvered everything.
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  15. I still need Play This Twice to leak pleasee come on...
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  16. I couldn't agree with you more. I feel like this song never gets mentioned.
  17. Just a reminder I ABSOLUTELY WILL be hosting an unreleased JoJo rate soon. Hope y'all will be there.
  18. They.
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  19. I couldn't agree more, it's one of her finest tracks, both amongst released and unreleased.
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  20. Oh gosh I remember blasting Keep Forgetting to Forget About You every day on my shitty laptop speakers imagining I’ve just broken up with my imaginary boyfriend so I could really relate to the lyrics. God I was (and still am) so goddamn lame!!!
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