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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. The whole 'more music to come' makes me wonder if the album will be in 2 parts.......
  2. RMK


    Yeah, she unfortunately suffers the fate of not getting widespread attention. No one knows she has an album out, and she fails to ever get the exposure she deserves. Keep in mind that sales have dropped since Mad Love, she's never been a streaming queen, and there's a pandemic. #33 isn't that bad. Regardless, that does show the same problems then are the same ones now.
  3. It may be a small victory but it's a victory nonetheless and I am excited for what else is to come. I think Jo is aware that she needs to be more consistent with putting out music in order to get her name out there.

    After sitting with Good To Know for the last few weeks, it is without a doubt her best body of work with its only flaws being how short some of the tracks are, it only being 9 songs in length and not including Bad Habits and Proud.

    In order to extend my experience of the album I've included Say So, Sabotage and Somebody Else.

    1. Bad Habits (Intro)
    2. So Bad
    3. Pedialyte
    4. Gold
    5. Somebody Else (with Tank)
    6. Man
    7. Small Things
    8. Lonely Hearts
    9. Think About You
    10. Sabotage (feat. Chika)
    11. Comeback
    12. Say So
    13. Don't Talk Me Down
    14. Proud (Outro)
    15. Comeback (feat. Tory Lanez) BONUS TRACK

    I tried to place the tracks into the sequencing so that it would flow sonically when played from start to end and so it would also make sense with the theme of the album.

    I didn't add Joanna as it really doesn't suit the vibe of the album and it sounds a bit jarring.
  4. She has always been pop/R&B and back in 2006 R&B was the most popular genre in the world anyway. Today it's a niche genre for all but the most popular. Kehlani is one of the biggest R&B names right now yet she has never had a top 40 single as lead and her album is projected to do like 60k.

    Anyway, the main reason is simply that 3 and a half years is a long-ass time for someone who had already lost 8 years before 2015. As RMK says, the problems are the same as in 2016. She has to build her fanbase by releasing consistently and consistent quality, touring, collabing, doing promo and hopefully getting a bit of luck along the way. She is yet to be a consistent presence as an adult and it's natural that people are going to lose interest.
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  5. RMK


    Atlantic pushed hard for radio support back in 2016. There weren't many artists making the rounds she did to different stations, and turning up for so many acoustic performances. It's a shame she never really got it, but the real emphasis with her should've really been on streaming. She covered a playlist last week which was amazing, but the smaller R&B playlists just aren't going to catch on. If 'Man' was pushed on more pop playlists it could've maybe done something, but at this point virality on apps like TikTok or high profile collabs are the only real things that could give her that boost.

    And it seems like JoJo is content with where she's at, this is just the perspective of a fan who's watched her work so hard. Even now, she's doing interviews with radio stations via insta live.
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  6. RMK


    Also, she said she's waiting on Demi Lovato to send back her verse for a collaboration the other day. Not sure if we've talked about that (dd)
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  7. Oh. Good God. Please. No. Absolutely fucking not.
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  8. As great as the album photoshoot was, it's a shame the album booklet is so... sparse.
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  10. Queen of sales.
  11. Can anybody with graphic design skills create a single cover for Comeback in a similar vein to Man and Lonely Hearts, please and thank you xx?
  12. Also, sorry for the double post, but how have we not talked about the melody switch up in the second verse of Pedialyte? Its subtle but oh so wonderful.
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  13. In the Reddit chat, she said she will be on Lido's new album and also talked about really wanting to collab with everyone. Good.
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  14. We have.
  15. Fuck /r/popheads
  16. Oh. I must have missed it.
  17. Radio:


    48 47 JOJO Man 562 501 61 0.485

    +4 Spins
    -13 Bullet
    +0.005 Audience

    ?? ?? JOJO Man 234 186 48 0.517

    +7 Spins
    +1 Bullet
    +0.024 Audience
  18. I put my CD on repeat last night to fall asleep to it, and it worked wonderfully. We love a multi-purpose album!
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