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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Cancelled.

    Two more interviews today. She must have given well over 50 interviews by now. She is so admirable.
  2. I remember seeing someone post if there was any artwork for Comeback a few pages back or whatever. I was bored so I made a quick one for the solo version.

    jojo comeback.jpg
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  3. THAT WAS ME! Thank you so much, it's gorgeous!
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  4. RMK


    That would've been such a stunning cover image.
  5. Shame he's aged like a banana.
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  6. Pedialyte and Comeback on loop. 'Kin 'ell.

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  7. NOT ME being late again, loving her comeback (with Mad Love and etc.) and completely MISSING this entire alberm?

    First four track itself I'm already A S C E N D I N G . SUCH A TALENT.
  8. Any interviews or stuff where she dives down Man? I love to hear more about it.
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  9. Gold and Man are the ones for me, the rest ranges from okay-to-decent.
  10. was that a negative, disparaging remark about 'Think About You'?
  11. I keep going back to Think About You.
  12. As someone on pulse said:
    "Her label are the worst. They have an R&B album and they are only focussing on Pop, a format she is never gonna have any success on (well not with her current music anyway). Why not focus on Urban/Urban AC?"


    47 47 JOJO Man 596 523 73 0.519

    +19 Spins
    +15 Bullet
    +0.018 Audience

    ?? ?? JOJO Man 241 213 28 0.517

    +8 Spins
    -3 Bullet
    -0.010 Audience
  13. Well, Man is far too pop for urban. I don't blame them for first trying with the only format she has any history of success on. The next singles (Comeback, presumably) will surely be aimed at urban. At the end of the day she's known as a white pop singer who hasn't had success in a long time - breaking into a brand new format or any format won't be easy.

    The Joe Budden Podcast randomly called her in the middle of their recording and she spoke for 10+ mins, which is great for her. Probably the biggest audience of all the interviews she has done so far (its videos end up with 400k on YT) and an "urban" music audience. She said that she's planning to release a deluxe version of Good to Know in a few months. I hope that's in addition to the new EP though.
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  14. RMK


    They could've just sent Man to Rhythmic and had her try out something new after the fourth failed attempt at pop radio. I'm sure even she feels it's a waste of time, at this point.
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  15. I mean, it's doing even less on Rhythmic.

    At the end of the day, without pay**a, I just think anything will be tough. She's even less relevant than in 2016. I think the focus needs to be on building her base/relevance and releasing the right song. Then radio will follow. Comeback is now streaming at a higher rate than Man - curious to see if this can be a helpful song for her.
  16. Her songs are too R&B for pop and too pop for urban stations.
  17. Jojo’s biggest problem has (and continues to be) the failure to nab some features. She needed to be singing on some dance or
    R&B/hip-hop bangers when she was in label purgatory (am I correct in saying she would have theoretically been able to do this or could Blackground have prevented her?). Look at how her Marvin’s Room cover slayed alone! It seems like such missed opportunity. Even her most recent feature nabbing a Grammy. It keeps her name out there.

    It’s really hard because as users have rightfully pointed out she’s caught been two genres. Ugh, it’s shit.
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  18. RMK


    I think the main push is Pop, though. Like, you can always add two formats but I know when Iggy only sent her songs to rhythmic and focused on that she did slightly better. She's just not going for the pop audience on Spotify at all, so it feels counterproductive.
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