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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. How can this be AOTY when FUTURE NOSTALGIA exists?

  2. But it's not surprising at all? I know that she's doing some interviews and she's going viral, and I love all of that stuff, but it's hardly doing anything promo-wise for her. Bigger radio relations would help get her name out of here more than any of the promo she's done for that album.
  3. To be honest, I've returned to this album more often in 3 weeks then I have Future Nostalgia since it's release. So...yeah.
    I thought episode 6 would be the last one for some reason so now I am happy.
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  4. Lowkey she fucked up by cutting the Intro, Outro, Joanna, and Sabotage from the "regular" album.
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  5. We don't actually know the situation behind it though. She said something like "shit happens" and also said that all the songs will be on streaming, and she's releasing a deluxe of the album later this year, which may be separate from the EP she's releasing later this year.
  6. -M-


    To be honest, I find a chart run of 33-OUT both surprising and slightly worrying. Certainly no one expected this album to have a massive debut and multiple weeks in the higher echelons of the charts. And I get that there's a lack of high profile promo opportunities, sales and streams are generally decreasing because of the pandemic, she has to reestablish her place in the industry, etc.

    But on the other hand, she seemed to have built an admittedly rather small, but dedicated fanbase through touring and her mixtapes. Did these people simply not show up for this album? Or did they just buy it and never streamed it in the second chart week, explaining this massive drop? I'm genuinely confused how her album in its second week moved less units than some of the entries of the lower quarter of the Billboard 200.

    I know it's "music, not the bling" that counts, and I'm super grateful that she continues to grace us with quality music, but I'm slightly worried for her ability to put out music in the future if there's such a distinct lack of bling like in this case.
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  7. You made some good points, but since she's on her own label, I don't think this will be as much of an issue. Plus, I think the re-recordings of Leave and Too Little Too Late on streaming will at least help give her some coin.
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    Oh yeah, that's true, I didn't really consider this.
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  9. I was holding out a little on ordering a CD to see if she'd release signed copies - and she has!

    It's only available for 48 hours.
  10. I really wish I had waited because I am now broke and can't get one, but maybe a signed vinyl is in my future.
  11. Spending only 1 week on the top 200 is an issue whether you're on a major or your own label.

    She does have a small, dedicated fanbase but the problem is that it's too small to keep her charting no matter how many times they're streaming the album. Sadly she doesn't seem to be appealing to any casuals (which isn't surprising considering her lack or streaming playlist support or radio play.)
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  12. Playlist support should be one of the most important thing happening in that era, getting her name to bigger R&B playlists and focus solely on them would benefit her a lot. Epecially in pandemic time, when promo is non-existent.
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  13. Did I really just buy this album for the sixth time, only for her to drop out of the Billboard 200?
  14. I’ll wait til they press the limited run of 200 vinyl. Ddddd.
  15. Hopefully she stops going 4 years between albums.
  16. dddd it ain't gonna happen.
  17. It's not surprising though. It pretty much just mirrors her last album but with fewer sales, which was 6-100something-out. Her fan demographic is older than other artists so physical sales are a high proportion of her sales, plus she had bundles. High physical sellers are top heavy these days.

    As I keep on saying, it has been 4 years since her last album which was already 10 years in the making. I'm sure she has lost plenty of fans because she failed to consistently release. It's not just in her album sales but it was also clear long before this week with her video views and other things like that. She has to release consistently, tour, collab, promo and just build her base again. There's no other way. And I think her team should release a new EP at the end of 2020/Jan-Feb 2021 rather than a deluxe GTK (or both).

    I'm more disappointed/surprised that she didn't get more critical traction. Didn't even get a P4k review. This is a great album and I was confident that it would at least get widespread acclaim.
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  18. It felt like she was touring a lot in recent years but consistent release of music should be the priority and main goal to keep her afloat. If I have to be honest, the re-recordings shouldn't be her main priority then as everyone were craving new music from her.
  19. It wasn't a priority. Between the end of 2017 and 2018 she could not release because she was waiting until Aaron Bay Schuck's contract started at Warner in Oct 2018, then she was his first signing. The 2018 tour and re-recording the album was to fill time between then. Then they got to work on the album in 2019.

    If Bay-Schuck cares as much as he claims to, then he will understand that exposure is the main thing she needs right now. The music is great. She just needs to expand her audience and they need to help her do that.
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