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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Definitely all of this, I really though it would be critical claim all over the place, and I still see people commenting online that they thought she had quit or left the music industry. I'm glad that she still continues to deliver stellar music she clearly lives for it, because there is alot of artists who are in alot more of a comfortable position who don't. I just think the years away that wernt through her doing won't ever be caught up, to much time passed, which is criminal because she is a phenomenal talent.
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  2. As a casual JoJo fan, I've seen 2 of her tours here, and got tickets for the Good To Know if that goes on. I still like her. But it's just, that? I am not invested in her, she is wonderfully articulate and I think most of her songs are ok. I could listen to her being interviewed or just giving monologues during the livestreams for hours, but it does not particularly stick to her albums. Good To Know fell flat for me? I listened two times to that short album and nothing sticks? I got into Mad Love. way sooner and there are tracks I repeat from there still on. The only thing I keep playing, and I mean play a lot, is Man. It's just not too special for me, and when it's that short. There's no time for anything to stand out. This might also have to do with me not clicking that much with R&B and am just a pop whore.
  3. Probably this.
  4. Meh, it's a factor but also does not invalidate the other things.
  5. Several points were made. Great reaction!

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  6. I love her! I watched this earlier, but didn't post it cause people have an aversion to reaction videos on here.
  7. Agreed. I love the the songs we got but... as an album it feels undercooked.
  8. Comeback actually has some playlist support now.

    Chill Hits - 5.8m
    Are & B - 5.2m (Biggest R&B playlist. None of her other songs made it IIRC)
    Chilled R&B 1.9m
    The Newness - 700k (as usual - she's still the cover).

    It's a start.
  9. [​IMG]

    Out on Friday.
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  10. Random, but I love this single cover and I love acoustic stuff so yay.
  11. RMK


    Those re-recordings hold her most streamed songs currently, and it was smart of her to find a way to get her music back on playlists, and have her discography available fully. That being said, she seemed really into releasing multiple projects this year and keeping up with the pace of streaming.. But she's never really shown it. A drip feed of singles while doing these different tours and re-recordings would've been really good for her.
  12. I was looking for something and ended up coming across the artwork for when Small Things was still the single.
  13. Jojo is on Jessie Wares Table Manners podcast today!
  14. good to know (acoustic) would be a lovely thing to record, Jo! I'm just imagining "Lonely Hearts" and "Think About You" already.
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  15. Cackling at Mama Levesque defending Mad Love in the background and Jessie describing What's Your Pleasure as the PG-13 equivalent of the "sexy sexy sexy" good to know.
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  16. I have been holding off posting because this album disappointed me. I have been ride or die for JoJo since day 1, thankfully I still have her first two albums on CD so I could listen to those when her music wasnt on streaming! Anyway, getting off topic, this review basically mirrors everything that I think...

    Its not bad, its just not up to what I was expecting, I prefer Mad Love :(
  17. I still wonder how people can call themselves full-on JoJo fans and be disappointed by this album. I get that the casual listener, who’s latest memory from her is Too Little Too Late might feel weird about this sound, but everybody who’s followed her throughout the last years knows that this is exactly the sound she lives for and always wanted to release. She is a R&B artist by heart and good to know is 100% her dna. And thankfully, I still can’t get enough of it.
  18. Well, for starters, its an opinion...

    Not that I need to prove my fan card but I have closely followed her career, some of her best songs are on her mixtapes, I have seen her twice on tour (the tringle tour and the unreleased tour.)

    I honestly couldnt tell you what doesnt click with me, but something is missing. Like I said, its not bad, and I will definitely continue to listen, hoping that something I didnt notice before stand out.
  19. WHAT MAW!?

    I know the opinion is that she hates Mad Love but she had a fair point on the podcast that it was made from so many sessions and then the songs were thrown together to make an album she didn't believe it. Saying that, though, I do like a lot of the songs on it.
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