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JoJo - Good To Know - AOTY 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Life, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. That podcast was cute. I haven't listened to too much Jessie Ware but I'd be happy to hear them on the same song. Jo always comes across so honest, positive and pleasant that it's hard to imagine how messy she says she can be in real life lol
  2. You need to fix that.

  3. I couldn’t love these women more.
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  4. Jo and Tinashe’s friendship seems so sweet and genuine. Really happy Jo is showing up and using her platform to speak on the situation.
  5. Radio update:

    45 46 JOJO Man 642 594 48 0.634

    +50 Spins
    +113 Bullet
    +0.124 Audience

    ?? ?? JOJO Man 251 244 7 0.532

    -14 Spins
    -10 Bullet
    -0.058 Audience
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  6. Just listened to Man (Acoustic). The song really deserves so much more! It aged like fine wine for me even though I‘ve definitely overplayed it a few times... also kudos to her for actually recording a new vocal for this version!
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  7. Second day with good radio update - it's not over

    47 43 JOJO Man 668 576 92 0.657

    +26 Spins
    +44 Bullet
    +0.023 Audience

    JoJo's peaks on POP radio:

    #01 Leave (Get Out) (2004)
    #07 Baby It's You (2004)
    #49 Not That Kinda Girl (2005)
    #02 Too Little, Too Late (2006)
    #46 How To Touch A Girl (2007)
    #38 Anything (2007)
    #28 Disaster (2012)
    #50 When Love Hurts (2016)
    #41 No Apologies (2016)
    #43 Man (2020)
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  8. Joint album pls
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  9. Comeback has been actually getting a fair bit of attention on tiktok over the past week. A lot of guys are making videos lipsyncing Tory's nasty verse for likes. Come on viral hit.
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  10. Is there anywhere to buy this physically in the UK other than amazon?
  11. I'd watch a TikTok where a guy lips Jo's verse and a girl lips Tory's. That would be worth it.
    Maybe her website?
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  12. I think I’m showing my age but I can only see the US store
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  13. Oh. Weird. I'm not sure how you would find it if there is one, cause I'm in the U.S., but I feel like there was a U.K. store. Or I'm imagining things.
  14. There definitely used to be because I bought Mad Love on it
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  15. Now I'm really confused. I'm not sure which members from the U.K. bought the album, but maybe you could tag some of them for help?
  16. I wonder if she is going to do a vinyl for it. The cover is very 70's to me and I would love to have it on a nice big album cover.
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  17. There is no UK store for this album. I think Amazon/eBay is your only option.

    Speaking of the physical, does anyone know when the signed edition from her US store was slated to ship? I want my copy.
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  18. Guess I manifested. Just got an email from her store saying they'll ship by July 10th.
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  19. I honestly think that this is one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever heard. Her vocals, the emotion, as well as the timing for this. I’m shook!

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