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JoJo - Good To Know (Deluxe) + December Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. She just released the first song off her upcoming album!

    First official single (I'm assuming) Sabotage featuring Chika coming in 2 Weeks!
    More info here:
  2. STOKED! Mad Love was already stellar in my opinion, but I can't wait to hear and see what JoJo has in stores for us when fully in control and after cleansing everything bad out of her system.

    Sabotage is about how she tends to sabotage her own relationships and the mess that that brings with it.
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  3. The lyrics are brilliant (it’s always sort of disarming when artists release something this specific/idiosyncratic in its lyrical content) and the vibe is right.

    It certainly feels like an introductory track in its brevity but it’s great.
  4. Her describing the album as fire and full of bops has me beyond excited cause if she pairs that R&B sound with introspective and intense lyrics like this I'll die of happiness.
    However, if there's a chilled out section that's the introspective part than that works too, cause she owns the songs no matter what.
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  5. From her newsletter:

    “We’re so quick today to write people off. To cancel them and say, “oh they should’ve done this,” or, “this is where they fucked up,” and usually it’s about things we know very little about. So, “Joanna” is a commentary on that: how social media makes us feel like we can say whatever we want about whoever, and direct it right at them. In this song, I’m saying that over the years I’ve seen things, I’m self-aware, I know who I am, I know where I’ve been, and I know why I’m more confident than ever...because of the music I’m making, and because my fans have stuck by me all this time. For someone to write someone off and tell them when their story ends or what’s possible for them is just ridiculous. Anything is possible. You are on a path all your own.” – JoJo
  6. I’m ready to stan as intensely as I did during the Mad Love era
  7. Take my scalp Joanna!
  8. About time!
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  9. I wasn't part of the forum during Mad Love. so I'm glad I will get to share the love with all of you.
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  10. She's everything. I'm so excited for another era, after waiting a decade for the last one. Each new one feels important.
  11. Yes!!! I can’t believe it’s been three years since Mad Love. I’m ready.
  12. Joanna ou-

    All this info and the fact it sounds like they might have a proper plan for the era. Wig.
  13. The track coupled with the video really hits hard what it's been like for her over all these years
  14. [​IMG]


    First Release on Warner Records / Clover Music,
    More New Sh*t Dropping Soon

    Photo Credit: Dennis Leupold, download hi-res here

    October 11, 2019 – Chart-topping, award-winning singer and songwriter JoJo is starting a new chapter today with the release of “Joanna,” a highly personal reflection and prelude for the music to come. The track started as a freestyle – with JoJo voicing the thoughts of her critics as well as her own internalized negativity – but became a thoughtful commentary on cancel culture: how social media emboldens people to say whatever they want without fear of repercussions. JoJo explains:

    “For someone to write someone off and tell them when their story ends or what’s possible for them is just ridiculous. Anything is possible. You are on a path all your own – I am more confident than ever about mine.”


    The track is JoJo’s first new release since signing with Warner Records earlier this year, through a joint venture with her own Clover Music. Aaron Bay-Schuck, Co-Chairman and CEO of Warner Records, says, “We couldn’t be more excited for JoJo to be a part of the Warner Records family. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her at various stages over the years, and can confidently say she’s making the best and most self-assured music of her career right now. Lyrically, it’s brutally honest; sonically, it’s current yet timeless; and of course still showcases that one of a kind vocal prowess for which Jojo has always been known. Tom Corson, myself, and all of us at Warner Records are so proud to be her partners for this new chapter.”

    As the final lyric of “Joanna” indicates, there’s plenty more “new sh*t” coming from JoJo very soon… Next up is the soulful hip-hop-infused “Sabotage,” feat. CHIKA, out October 25 and available now to pre-save HERE.

    While “Joanna” allows time for reflection, in “Sabotage,” JoJo is confident in the present, especially when that means holding herself accountable in relationships. Together with producers Doc McKinney [The Weeknd, Santigold] and Lido [Halsey, Chance The Rapper], JoJo has honed together an upcoming body of work centered around this new-found confidence – both musically and emotionally. There’s a lightness, a joy, a sense of satisfaction: JoJo doesn’t want to avoid the past, but it’s time to open the next chapter.

    Download hi-res cover art here
  15. Holy Hell I am ready.
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  16. Doc McKinney and Lido? This all sounds too promising... 25th can’t come soon enough!
  17. I'm intrigued, but not necessarily terribly excited. I still listen to Music, F.A.B and Honest pretty often but beyond that Mad Love got old pretty fast for me.
  18. This is brilliant. I love that she’s catching everyone off guard with a teaser like this. I’m so ready for the album.

    Mad Love aged like wine for me. One of those albums that sounded current but was built to last.
  19. Bring that "soulful hip-hop" on Joanna, I am ready!
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  20. I'm in the minority of course but I never really cared for her slow jamz so I hope it's true that "Joanna" is the only one of its kind from the album nn
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