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JoJo - Good To Know (Deluxe) + December Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Proceeds going to a charity too. Generous queen!
  2. This song.


    Give us your little Joni album, Jo. Honestly, I want her to keep doing R&B but she can do everything and I wouldn't mind a project like this in between.
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  3. Yeah, she continues to do that. She sounds so warm on this, definitely brings me back to Agápē.
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  4. Very nice. Two of her best written songs in recent times, this and Joanna, had nothing to do with love. I hope this signifies that she is ready to tackle a greater variety of themes on her next albums.
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  5. The new song is perfection. JoJo really does have the range to try her hand at any genre or style and nail it.
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  6. The melodies are stunning. The way the production swells. The vocals. The lyrics. The insights. Kacey vibes.
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  7. I adore "American Mood." I think it's one of my favorite things she's done. The melodies soar, the guitar and strings are a lush backdrop to her tone. I love the outward looking lyrics, too. She's a treasure.
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  8. Joanna, meet Joanne. I’ll show myself out.
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  9. -M-


    Joanne could never.
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  10. I really like it. It's cute and she sounds great.
  11. Slow Burn vibes with this one! Love it!
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  12. Mad Love. era outtake:
  13. A bop. All the leaks from that era are so good! They would make a stellar album put together and touched up/finished.
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  14. Random, but Jordan Fisher of To All The Boys I've Ever Loved and Hamilton said on Twitch that he played the song below for JoJo two days ago and she asked to collab with him on it. Even more notably, he said that she's dating his best friend (no idea who). Dating during this pandemic... must be nice.

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  15. She would suit that song very much actually, would love to hear it.
  16. Could really see her on this song. She would sound gorgeous on it! She’s been dating somebody for a while now... I guess that’s still the same person.
  17. Guy


  18. Oh. My. God.
    I'm assuming she did this for fun, and the money dddd.

    Anyway, has anyone who got a ticket and merch for the Christmas concert recieved their merch yet? I got a signed good to know vinyl, and it still hasn't come.
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  19. As opposed to others who do it for the claustrophobia.
  20. Ddddd true. I mean, more exposure for her is a good thing anyway.
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