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JoJo - Good To Know (Deluxe) + December Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. American Mood remains one of my favorite things she's done in recent memory.
  2. Oh thank you for reminding me! I saw her signing them on her story a few weeks ago.
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  3. Oh! Thank you for letting me know. Hopefully they'll be shipped soon.
    I listened to it again today and it really is gorgeous.
  4. I was hoping she would be doing it and it only makes sense! She was mentioned a few times last season and the producers usually invite those for the next season(s). She’ll be great!!!
  5. I am happy for this girl to do anything to get her name out there as long as she wins.
  6. The problem is, if they guess it's her, she won't win. I mean, it's possible they won't know but that just seems unlikely, or maybe I'm overestimating how recognizable her voice is.
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  7. Why god
  8. Winning is redundant. Tv is fake. All it comes down to is what she does with her exposure.
  9. I’m not sure how I feel about JoJo being on The Masked Singer really. It’s an interesting choice but ultimately if it gets her name out there then so be it.
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  10. Exposure is exposure, and at least she's here exposing her talent and something what she should be known for. It's perfectly fine promo spot for her.
  11. I honestly don’t see any negative in her participating in this. The show has a good reputation and she gets to shine with what she does best. Best case she’ll get some nice exposure out of it and people that don’t have her on their radar (most likely majority of the viewers) notice that she’s one hell of a singer! It also doesn’t hurt to be connected to FOX...

    Love that she’s not trying to disguise her voice one bit! I hope she’ll serve us some Aretha or big ballad moment on the show.
  12. The show is corny as hell, but they do seem to get some A-B list talent - so Jo is in good company!
  13. JoJo fans complaining for two decades about her being underrated now making a scene about her Masked Singer - a prime promo opportunity and a profile booster- gig? Make it make senseeee.
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  14. Girls, at least it's not an eyeshadow palette.
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  15. The way this news of her being on the masked singer has made me listen to good to know all over again. Ugh, her fucking mind!!!!!!
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  16. Oooo this.
    Honestly, the more exposure and promo for her the better. I feel like I remember her saying she would be releasing more music this year at some point, so this would be a good opportunity to hopefully get more people to notice her and check out her songs before releasing new stuff.
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  17. I'm also living for her reckless belting in Barracuda. Serving J*ssie J but with technique.
  18. Gosh, I just love her and hope she wins this or at least becomes a finalist. She’s going to serve because you just know that there’s no holding her back! I’m sure she’ll be doing a song more up her ally next week. I think doing a rock song was her way of throwing the judges off.

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  19. I'm honestly so here for this. The world needs to know just how good she is.
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  20. The producers pick the songs for them, but yeah - hopefully we'll get something more in her vein soon!
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