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JoJo - Good To Know (Deluxe) + December Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Lol J*ssie J’s problem isn’t lack of technique, it’s just lack of taste. (And I say that as one of her 8 stans.)
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  2. This is so definitely her isn't it? Because I'm about to put some money on it.
  3. 100% and the clues at the start are a metaphor for her Blackground contract.
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  4. There’s absolutely no fooling us with those low notes and runs. Stunning!

  5. She sounds so good, amazing.

    The judges saying Lindsay Lohan?! Ashlee Simpson...?!

    JoJo sweetie I'm so sorry
  6. “It could be Lindsay Lohan!” I haven’t watched much of the show but I’m guessing/hoping their lack of hinting the correct answer means she’s a favorite amongst voters (if people are texting to vote). I will say that if she wins, I hope she does more with it than Nicola did. Reassured that JoJo always has amazing music just waiting for release.
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  7. The way she's making ZERO effort to hide her voice. A STAR!
  8. I hate when they purposely try to disguise their voices because it usually just results in lack of vocal quality/control. I think her way of hiding her voice is the song choices so far, as well as holding back her full vocal potential. I guess she will show off her head voice next show and then completely stomp the competition in the semi-finals and finals.
  9. She sounds incredible. But one thing In My Blood and Good To Know have really made me enjoy is her lower register. She can belt for days and she’s known for that but highlighting her lower register really proves how great of a singer she is.

    I’m also enjoying watching her talent being wow’d at. I can’t wait to see their reactions when they find out who she is. I think she’s smart enough to have new music ready to go too.
  10. Did I miss something?
    Oh ddd it's the song she covers. Wish it was the The Veronicas song but oh well.
    ALSO I decided to watch the episodes with Black Swan, and yeah holy shit I love her voice so much, and also the clues section made me wanna cry a little bit. I didn't realize she was the first performance.
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  11. My signed cover with the vinyl came yesterday. Can't wait to get it framed.
  12. She ATE this up and the judges must be taking the piss with some of these guesses. I mean, clearly one of the best vocalists the show ever had and they come up with Ashlee Simpson, Brenda Song and Doja Cat...

  13. Well the longer they guess incorrectly, the more likely she is to remain safe from elimination, so let’s be grateful.
  14. I can only hope Robin/Nicole are just playing super ignorant with these no-brain bad vocal guesses so Jo stays on longer.

    Had to look up which friend she meant regarding the unicorn, it's Leah LaBelle with the "uNicOrnS doNt diE" on her Instagram profile.
  15. I really hope she can win this whole thing, that would be great exposure for her and achievement of her great vocals.

    I need those judges to stay dumb for more episodes ddd.
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  16. How many episodes left?
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  17. I think it's about 5-7 more.
  18. I went from being like "huh, ok. JoJo on The Masked Singer" to "damn, she sounds great!" to "SHE NEEDS TO FUCKING WIN."

    It really would be amazing exposure and at the least, hopefully we get some new music and potential collaborations.
  19. RMK


    So the premise of the show is... If you guess them correctly, they're out? It isn't even about talent? So bizarre.
  20. Uh no. If the judges guess correctly after they're revealed, they get like bragging rights or something. Contestants are voted out based on performances and talent.
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