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JoJo - Good To Know (Deluxe) + December Baby

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music Is Death, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. The new album is brilliant. This may become my favourite Jo album in time. Every song feels essential for me, and I really feel the journey and path to personal growth. BUT I don’t get excluding the intro and outro on streaming because they both feel essential to the story of the album. They really are perfect. And why change Comeback last minute, making it shorter? Instead why couldn’t they just drop it like a separate remix?

    anyway, ordered the album yesterday and can’t wait to order it on vinyl xx
  2. Um... Gold... y'all?

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  3. I’m just so excited that she CAN release music whenever she wants now.

    A true pop justice indeed!
  4. This isn't as instant as Mad Love for me. I need to give it a few more listens.
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  5. Her album has that thing on TIDAL where the cover is slightly animated when playing. It’s just some moving film grain but it’s still cool.
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  6. The streams aren't great.

    Comeback has to be the next single I think.
  7. Album was #14 on Apple Music this morning, which is much better than I expected...
  8. RMK


    That's amazing. Spotify's looking a little more bleak unfortunately, but I think if they actually added a single to a big playlist like Are & Be she'd have better numbers.
  9. I’m definitely in the minority of people who prefer the more pop-leaning side of JoJo, but still enjoyed her mixtapes. For me, Mad Love was the perfect combination of those two sides, and this doesn’t quite stack up. That said, I understand this is the mixtape JoJo that fans loved so much, and the artist she always wanted to be. While a lot of this album isn’t fully catered to my interests, you can feel JoJo’s personality and passion seeping out of these tracks, which makes it a far more enjoyable listen than it would be from another artist. The collection is such a hazy, sultry mode that holds up from start to finish. I really don’t mind that it’s a short album as it keeps it from dragging at any point.
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  10. Yeah, I was referring to Spotify which was under a million. R&B seems to hold up better on AM so I guess this makes sense.
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  11. I played this album from top to bottom during my yoga session today and honestly Man and Lonely Hearts had me acting like the biggest fool. Arching my back when I’m meant to be in downward dog and flipping my hair from one side to the other. JoJo was right, this album does make you feel sexy as hell!!!
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  12. I'm ok with the album being short but where's the outro on Spotify? It's such as weird move.
  13. R27


    I hadn’t listened to new Jojo music in awhile, outside of some of the 2018 re-recordings, but decided to give this a whirl... and wow. This was pretty great. It feels very modern, but also has a bit of a throwback vibe at the same time. Will definitely be returning to this.
  14. Listened to this all the way through yesterday morning and am just now revisiting the songs I marked as standouts and they're already some of my favorites songs by her, ever. Think About You in particular is really hitting me hard. Everything about it is just so...smooth. It's stunning. Small Things made me ugly cry so I won't talk about her too much, but I will say that I love how the personal lyrics pair with the laid back production to feel like she's talking directly to me. And Gold????? This is an artist doing exactly what she was meant to do.

    I agree with a lot of people that the album is a bit too short. I do like concise, tight projects but I just feel like there was more to be said here? Especially with the arch of her going through the end of a relationship to where she's at with Man. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing though, and with my favorites being career bests for me, I'll take what I can get especially when some other girls aren't even putting anything out at all, but I digress.

    It's a stunning collection overall and I see this album becoming a crutch for me, especially going through a lot of the same things she's singing about. It's so moody, sultry, and hazy and while I love her more pop leaning stuff, I'm 100% here for this direction right now. I think it suits her best, though I don't think there's anything she can't do well. I just adore her and can't wait to see what else she puts out.
  15. If their method of leaving the intro and outro off is to make us buy the album then it’s working. It’s sat in my amazon basket as we speak.
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  16. The album keeps unraveling on each listen. It’s like a warm blanket. Also, with the intro/outro/Joanna/Sabotage, it’s 40 minutes and feels perfect, length wise. Everyone just needs to doctor up their album a bit to make it the perfect experience.
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  17. Guy


    Taken from Tidal
  18. I love watching her talk about each of the tracks. You can really tell she’s poured her heart and soul into the record.
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  19. So I gave up with my CD order and listened on streaming. It's a really good album. Faves so far are Pedialyte, So Bad and Think About You. However I still love Sabotage and there's really no excuse for it not being on here, especially considering how short the album is. I've slotted it in as track 3.
  20. Guy


    Has it been mentioned that the song that plays at the end of the Sabotage music video is the beginning of Small Things? Seems to me like Sabotage was definitely meant to be included on Good to Know.
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