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JoJo - Mad Love. (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 16, 2015.


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    "Blank Space."

    She said she'll be "putting out a single early next year." Well, it's next year, and it's early, and based on the Instagram post above, I'd say JoJo is gearing up to announce new music.


    Along with Carly Rae Jepsen, JoJo has the potential to release a monster of an album. She may go more for the R&B route, maybe even court the indie crowd with some slow, Jessie Ware-esque jams. Regardless, she has it all. Let's do this.
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  2. RainOnFire

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    I'm expecting nothing less than an Aquarius-style opus. A couple Top 40 hits sprinkled in with some incredible R&B/experimental stuff.

    I just can't see this being anything else than incredible. After all she's been through, I hope she doesn't hold back. I wouldn't expect her to anyway, after having to wait nearly 9 years for this moment.
  3. I'm already fairly sure that this is going to be in my top 5 albums of the year. I'd absolutely love her to get huge success too, she completely deserves it.
  4. It's a shame how many demos leaked from the last sessions, and how many of them could be perfectly fine for an album. I loved "Paper Airplanes" and "The Other Chick."

    However, I'd say her Agape and #LoveJo EPs hint at a more mature R&B sound that really suits her. Her cover of "Take Me Home" is life changing.
  5. Yes, get 'em Jojo.
  6. I can't handle how amazing this will be- Jo's a titanium song-writer, and incredible vocalist. I really want her to release the album we've all wanted Rihanna to release for years.
  7. My body shakes every time I see this thread get a bump.
  8. Joanna... I need you!
  9. This has the potential to be world-fuckingly incredible.

    I've got a feeling she's going to be coming for blood. Imagine the amount of amazing songs she's been sitting on during all the label bollocks?
  10. Everything she was sitting on pre atlantic deal can't be used she said...they had to start over fresh
  11. That still makes me so sad to read. All of those potential songs, down the drain. I hope they get a move on!
  12. This is taking forever! Get on with it, woman!
  13. Her mixtapes are amazing, this is going to be brilliant.
  14. How did I miss this? Thank you, it's life-changing indeed. That "prisoner all my life" part is the voice of experience!
  15. Eventually, I want to put together a list of her top 10 unreleased songs/demos. It's definitely a pity some won't make it, but there's a clear differentiation in sound between stuff meant for Jumping Trains and what eventually became Agape and LoveJo.
  16. Marvin's Room x 7
    plus some MNEK bangerz please.
  17. Is she actually working with MNEK or is that just a pipe dream? God, that would be brilliant.
  18. He Instagrammed a picture of them together in the studio.

  19. OH MY GOD how did i miss this !!!
  20. I know she's going to deliver. She is so hungry for success after all those years in captivity.
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